Roseanne Barr Makes Defiant Return to Twitter Following ABC Cancelling Show Over Racist Tweet

Following ABC's decision to cancel her eponymous show after she tweeted racist remarks, comedian Roseanne Barr let loose a barrage of contradicting tweets and retweets on Tuesday, many of which didn't conform to an apology she had issued earlier in the day. In some, she doubled down on her original remark, while in others she blasted her former television network for giving her the axe.

She also expressed sympathy for her castmates and crewmembers on the show, who will be out of a sizeable paycheck due to its cancellation and the revocation of multiple syndication deals.

"Don't feel sorry for me, guys!!," Barr tweeted around 11 p.m. EST. "I just want to apologize to the hundreds of people, and wonderful writers (all liberal) and talented actors who lost their jobs on my show due to my stupid tweet. I will be on Joe Rogan's podcast Friday."

Another lengthier apology was sent to reporters. The comedian suggested that being labeled a racist was far more upsetting than ABC pulling the plug on Roseanne.

"Today my words caused hundreds of hardworking people to lose their jobs," she said in a statement to Buzzfeed's Kate Arthur. "I also sincerely apologize to the audience that has embraced my work for decades. I apologize from the bottom of my heart and hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me."

Here's @therealroseanne's apology.

— Kate Aurthur (@KateAurthur) May 30, 2018

In an apparent contradiction to her apologies, most of the other sentiments she shared on her Twitter account were angry remarks that her supporters directed at ABC Entertainment.

In one tweet—the first authored by Barr since she said she would be "leaving Twitter" Tuesday afternoon—she claimed to believe that Obama-era adviser Valerie Jarrett was of Saudi descent. It was her earlier comment comparing Jarrett, an African American lawyer, to "apes" and remarks falsely linking Democratic donor George Soros to Nazis that led ABC Entertainment to sever ties with the comedian and the show. Barr said she was under the influence of Ambien when she sent out the tweets.

i thought she was saudi

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) May 30, 2018

One graphic Barr shared after the midday cancellation depicts Jarrett's face next to an ape, while an image of President Donald Trump appears next to an orangutan. "This is okay, but this isn't?" the caption reads. It was a reference to jokes other comedians have made about the hue of the president's skin.

Barr continued on the diatribe against Jarrett, sharing anti-Islamist posts from her fans about the former presidential adviser. One, which used a fake quote attributed to Jarrett, accused the attorney of hating the United States.

"VALERIE JARRETT STANFORD YEARBOOK: "I Was Born Iranian Of My Islamic Faith, I Seek To Help Change America To Be A More Islamic Country," read one retweet, which included a doctored picture that purported to be Jarrett's yearbook next to the yearbook quote. "...Means She's Hated America As Long As Obama.."

Barr also appeared to advocate for the firing of other prominent comedians who have made insensitive or offensive jokes about public officials, including Jimmy Kimmel, Joy Behar and Bill Maher, sharing with her 714,000 followers several boycott campaigns. She reversed course hours later, telling her supporters not to blame ABC.

"I'm not a censor and they have a right to do what they wish," she said. "It's all OK."

Meanwhile, her former colleagues attempted to distance themselves from the star. Shortly before the show was axed, actress Sara Gilbert—who starred in the original Roseanne series as a child and produced and starred in the revival—blasted Barr.

"Roseanne's recent comments about Valerie Jarrett, and so much more, are abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show," Gilbert tweeted. "I am disappointed in her actions to say the least,"

She continued, "This is incredibly sad and difficult for all of us, as we've created a show that we believe in, are proud of, and that audiences love— one that is separate and apart from the opinions and words of one cast member."

roseanne barr pic
Actress Roseanne Barr's racist comment resulted in ABC canceling its successful "Roseanne" revival. Here, Barr is pictured attending the premiere of ABC's "Roseanne" at Walt Disney Studio Lot on March 23, in Burbank, California. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images