'Rude' Woman Slammed for Canceling Trip So She Can Clean

A man's wife is being dragged online for canceling her involvement in a family camping trip so she could continue cleaning and organizing her home, garnering a lot of disapproval for the move.

The Reddit post, titled, "AITA for calling my wife an a**hole," has been upvoted 7,100 times with 700 comments since it was shared on June 20. Redditor @Only_Till8916 shared the post to the subreddit "Am I The A**hole, and he revealed a few months ago he and his daughter went on a "daddy/daughter camping trip."

Camping is a beloved pastime for many people. According to Statista, 47.94 million people who were 6 years or older participated in camping in the United States in 2020, which was an increase from the previous years going back to 2006.

"My wife was supposed to come, but she had her period, so she didn't come," the man explained about the trip. "We had a great time, and when we came back my wife was disappointed that she missed out. She insisted on going camping, so we booked the same place for today. We timed it so that she wasn't [on her] period."

As they were getting ready to leave for the trip, the OP's wife decided that she didn't want to come anymore. Her husband became "super upset" and said the "trip was planned because she wanted to" go. He also spent the past few days getting all the supplies ready and she replied that she didn't want to go because she was "on a roll with cleaning and organizing the house."

"This is a trip I've been looking forward [to] going as a whole family," the OP reasoned. "So I call her an a**hole for canceling last minute and not letting me know earlier that she had no intention of going the past few days. She says that I'm [an] a**hole for not being understanding of what she wants to do."

Woman cleaning kitchen
A rude woman is being dragged online for canceling a trip so she can clean. Here, a woman cleaning a kitchen with a smile on her face. DUSANPETKOVIC/GETTY

In an edit to the post, the OP added that for those who said his wife is cheating, he admitted it isn't something he can "control," and he added, "From reading this sub a lot, cheaters gonna cheat...Oh well."

He revealed he was typing the edit as he and his daughter were waking up in the camping tent, and he said they were going to "enjoy daddy/daughter camping 2.0" and let his wife "do whatever she wants" to do. He also thanked everyone who read and responded to his post. "Time to enjoy nature!" he concluded.

Over 700 comments poured in over the viral post, and people are siding with the OP given the circumstances. One Redditor thought the man isn't the a**hole, but they thought his wife was being one. They added that "getting ready for a camping trip that she demanded" the OP take "is no small amount of preparation."

"To back out at the last minute for no legitimate reason is really s**tty of her," they said. "It's also pretty suspicious. Is there another reason she wants you and the kid out of the house? If I were you, I'd go with your daughter and have a fantastic time. But this sucks, I'm sorry."

Another user insisted the OP's wife was being "selfish," and they added that the house will still be there when she gets back. Plus, "family time with your daughter is precious. But I'm curious, is there another reason she's backing out, that she may be doesn't want you to know? Seems suspicious that she'd back out twice for not great reasons."

A Redditor called the woman an a**hole, asking what about the woman's family? "She would rather clean than spend time with her husband and daughter?" they asked. "Wtaf. You are NTA, she's in the wrong here, and I feel bad for your daughter as I bet she was happy about the family trip. It's also very suspicious."

Other people had their suspicions about the situation as well, and one such user added that the woman was a "massive AH," but they didn't stop there. "It's suspicious as hell that she doesn't want to go on a planned family outing...Because she wants to clean. Really? Wtf?"

While others thought the woman could be cheating on her husband. "NTA, your wife is probably cheating on you, which is why she wants you gone for the weekend and doesn't tell you until [the] last minute," a Redditor expressed.

Another user said they have ADD or attention-deficit disorder, and they "struggle with procrastination, organizing, and cleaning," and they get not wanting to stop when you're "on a roll." However, they said, "bailing on you and your daughter at the last minute from a family trip that she insisted on, which you've already done all of the prep for, is beyond rude and inconsiderate."

Newsweek reached out to @Only_Till8916 for comment.

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