Who's the Leaker? Rudy Giuliani Goes Off on 'Bitter' James Comey, 'a Proven Liar and Leaker'

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and President Donald Trump's attorney, has hit back at James Comey's claims that Giuliani leaked sensitive information from inside the FBI. Giuliani has called the former FBI director "a proven liar and leaker."

Appearing in front of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees last week, Comey suggested that Giuliani received information from within the FBI office in New York about the bureau's investigation into alleged misuse of classified information by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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The former director—fired by Trump in May 2017—said Giuliani made public statements "that appeared to be based on his knowledge of workings inside the FBI New York, [indication that] we may have a leak problem—unauthorized disclosure problem out of New York."

But Giuliani has now hit back, claiming he did nothing wrong. "I love FBI agents. I've worked with them for 15 years. There's no way in the world I'd put an FBI agent in the position of violating his job by giving me a piece of information just because it's an election," Giuliani told Yahoo News's White House correspondent Hunter Walker in an interview Wednesday.

The FBI investigation into Clinton's alleged use of a private email server while secretary of state closed in July 2016 without recommending that she be charged. But the case was reopened days before America went to the polls in November 2016 after New York agents uncovered new evidence.

Giuliani made several television appearances in the days before the case was reopened, suggesting new developments were imminent. Comey thus ordered an investigation into potential leaks from the New York office. He told committees Friday that he was fired because the investigation concluded.

"That's Comey who's bitter because I've called him a liar," Giuliani responded. "He used to work for me, and Comey's a proven liar and a leaker."

"The only reason they think I did it is because they continually did it because they're a bunch of scumbag liars," he added.

Giuliani told Yahoo News Comey was "the last person that should be accusing people of leaking," suggesting memos written by Comey about his interactions with Trump may themselves have been illegally leaked.

"Because he's a favored Democrat they don't prosecute him," Giuliani addedsaid. He has previously argued that Comey should face charges for leaking memos and for his conduct in overseeing the Clinton investigation.

Giuliani maintained that any information gleaned on the Clinton case came from rumors, retired FBI agents and media reports. "What I found out came from ex-FBI agents, not current FBI agents…it came from my old buddies with whom I actually work now occasionally who were sitting around having cigars and talking about what a terrible FBI director Comey is, how he's a disgrace to the bureau," Giuliani told Walker.

In the days before the Clinton case was reopened, Giuliani appeared on Fox News to discuss the election. He told host Martha MacCallum, "I'm talking about some pretty big surprises… We've got a couple things up our sleeve that should turn this around."

Soon after the FBI made its announcement, Giuliani told Fox & Friends, "This has been boiling up in the FBI. I did nothing to get it out. I had no role in it." According to USA Today, he said, "Did I hear about it? Darn right I heard about it. I can't even repeat the language I heard from the former FBI agents."

Rudy Giuliani speaks to reporters at Trump Tower in New York City on January 12, 2017. Giuliani has hit back at James Comey’s claims that Giuliani leaked sensitive information from inside the FBI. Drew Angerer/Getty Images