Calls for Russian Children To Be Banned From Foreign Schools Over Ukraine War

A British MP has called on the United Kingdom to ban Russian children from attending schools as a consequence of the Ukraine invasion.

Conservative Member of Parliament Nickie Aiken, for the Cities of London and Westminster, has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take more steps than economic sanctions against Russia.

"The children of Russians connected to the Kremlin, who may be in schools in this country, should be sent home to Russia and not allowed to benefit from an education in this country," she said in the House of Commons last week, according to an Insider report.

Boris Johnson replied that he did not feel that children should pay for the sins of their parents. Aiken told Insider that she would continue to push for this measure.

"While the children of Ukraine take cover in bomb shelters, many children of those close to Putin and the Kremlin enjoy the privilege and safety of our private schools," she told Insider.

"If we want to send a very clear message to the Putin establishment, I think sending those who enjoy the benefits of the British establishment home is one way. We have got to hit them in their pockets but also their lifestyles."

This follows an announcement of sanctions that Johnson made last week.

These sanctions against Russia included a full asset freeze against Russian state-owned bank VTB and a ban against Aeroflot, Russia's largest airline.

The British prime minister said: "[This would be] the largest and most severe package of economic sanctions that Russia has ever seen.

"We will continue on a remorseless mission to squeeze Russia from the global economy piece by piece, day by day and week by week."

After Boris Johnson's announcement, Aiken made a video condemning Russia's actions and insisted Russia's "dirty money" was not welcome in the U.K.

"We stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine and will not accept such aggression from the Russian state," she said in a video posted on Monday to her YouTube channel.

"I have spent many hours this week speaking to ministers about going further and faster on economic sanctions on President Putin and those around him and those involved in the administration in Russia."

She added: "I have also been speaking to others, like the Corporation of London about what we can do to speed up the economic sanctions.

"So many people have raised the issue of Russian dirty money in the capital and particularly within my constituency.

"I want to assure all of you that I will not stop working with the authorities and government to ensure that we rid our capital of such dirty money.

"[We must] ensure that we send a very clear message to President Putin and other dictators around the world that they are not welcome nor is their money."

Newsweek has contacted Nickie Aiken for comment.

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Conservative MP Nickie Aiken (L) and an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin (R). Aiken has called on the United Kingdom to ban Russian children from attending British schools as a consequence of the Ukraine invasion. Alexey Nikolsky/Nickie Aiken/ Getty Images