'Satan' Trends on Twitter as Greene Doubles Down on Controversial Remarks

The name "Satan" trended on Twitter Saturday, with tens of thousand of users discussing controversial remarks made by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican.

Greene, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, made headlines earlier this week after she claimed in an interview with Michael Voris of the website Church Militant that the Roman Catholic Church is controlled by Satan, attacking the church's position on undocumented migrants. Another clip from the interview gained traction online on Friday. In that segment, the GOP congresswoman argued that Satan convinces women to get abortions.

"Abortion is a lie that Satan sells to women. He sells it to 'em," Greene said. "When Satan sells a sin, it's not loud. It's whispered, softly and gently into your ears and into your soul."

After backlash, she again doubled-down on her comments, while also attacking Disney, the LGBTQ community and teachers.

"If you are defending pedophile priests and those who protect them, groomer teachers & Disney LGBTQ propaganda, Drag Queen story time, saying it's not Satan convincing women to abort their unplanned child, and that children can be mutilated to change their gender, you're wrong," Greene tweeted.

Many critics of the far-right congresswoman responded negatively to her remarks about Satan, the Catholic Church and abortion. More than 74,000 Twitter users had used the name "Satan" in their tweets as of the time of writing.

"Make no mistake, a sitting US Congress member talking about Satan whispering in woman's ears telling them to get abortions so the men will marry them is a cause for alarm and great concern," filmmaker Jeremy Newberger tweeted Saturday.

"Remember that the Ku Klux Klan also persecuted Catholics as well as Blacks and Jews. Marjorie Taylor Greene's anti-Catholic remarks this week -- saying Satan controls the Church -- are the continuation of a long line of bigotry. NO ONE in the Republican Party condemned her," Tristan Snell, a lawyer and commentator for CNN and MSNBC, wrote in a Twitter post.

"She knows A LOT about Satan," Rachel Vindman, a podcaster, quipped in a tweet.

"What is with Marjorie Taylor Greene's obsession with Satan?" former Republican Army veteran David Weissman asked in a tweet.

Earlier in the week, Olivia Troye, a former homeland security adviser to former Vice President Mike Pence, slammed her remarks about Satan and the Catholic Church.

"Marjorie Taylor Greene has insulted many Americans w/ her disgusting & ignorant statements along the way. Her latest statement saying the Catholic Church is run by Satan is repulsive. It will also likely lead to threats against churches & people of Catholic faith everywhere," she wrote on Twitter Wednesday.

Representative Ted Lieu, a California Democrat, demanded that Greene apologize for the controversial remarks.

"These are the words of Jesus Christ: 'For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me' Matthew 25:35 (ESV). @RepMTG should apologize for saying Satan controls the Church, and she should read the Bible," Lieu shared in a tweet Wednesday.

"Satan's controlling the church, the church is not doing its job," Greene said in her interview with Church Militant about the church's support for undocumented migrants. She later insisted that she had not slandered the Catholic Church.

"The Catholic League's Bill Donohue accused me of slandering Catholics and Catholicism in an interview I gave to Michael Voris at Church Militant," she said in a Wednesday statement. "Nothing could be further from the truth, and he must apologize promptly and publicly for these words."

Marjorie Taylor Greene
GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia doubled down on her controversial remarks about "Satan" in a Saturday tweet. Above, Greene speaks during a press conference outside the U.S. Capitol on April 28 in Washington, DC. Win McNamee/Getty Images

Greene, who is now an Evangelical Protestant, explained that she was "a cradle Catholic," having been "born into the Church." The Georgia Republican said that she left Catholicism after realizing that she "could not trust the Church leadership to protect my children from pedophiles," referring to the Catholic Church's extensive history of alleged child sex abuse by clergy.

"Satan is controlling the Catholic Church?" Donohue had said in a statement. "She needs to apologize to Catholics immediately. She is a disgrace. We are contacting House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about this matter."

Newsweek reached out to Greene's spokesperson for further comment.