Scarface the Enormous Monster Croc Is Ill With 'Very Swollen' Abscess

A simply enormous saltwater crocodile in Australia is unwell with a "very swollen" tooth abscess.

The croc, who measures some 14.5 feet long, has been dubbed Scarface by the Solar Whisper Daintree River Crocodile and Wildlife Cruises, near Queensland.

David White, who owns the river cruise company, previously told Newsweek that he is known as Scarface as "he's a gangster, and he has many scars on his face."

However, the "gangster" crocodile now has an abscess that is "very swollen" and "getting worse."

On a Facebook post, Solar Whisper Daintree River Crocodile and Wildlife Cruises said antibiotics are unable to help the reptile.

The crocodile has been dubbed Scarface because of his many scars

Wildlife vets have advised White that only an operation would help relieve the abscess. However, this means Scarface would never be able to return to the wild because of government policy.

"As Scarface is old he may not even survive the capture, he certainly wouldn't like captivity as he's the King," the Facebook post said.

"So we just leave it, and there's a good chance the vet said the infection has already spread as the swelling is severe. But one thing I do know is never underestimate a crocodile in all that they do, including healing. They have phenomenal healing powers. You got this mate."

Scarface, as his name implies, has previously recovered from "some horrific injuries," and other crocodiles in the area have even come into the area "missing limbs." However, this is Scarface's first tooth abscess.

"He seems fine and acting normal but I can't help feel worried about him," the Facebook post said.

Social media users commented on the Facebook wishing Scarface a speedy recovery. In comments to the Facebook post, White said he "just adores" the crocodile.

Crocodiles are "incredible survivors, and "equipped with a phenomenal immune system," the Facebook post said.

White previously told Newsweek that "he's the boss croc of the Daintree river" and he has been watching him in the wild for more than 20 years.

"He's an A-lister as he's a celebrity and the paparazzi—that's me—are crazy about him," White said.

The Days of Daintree is a fictional soap opera and reality TV experience featuring the local wildlife, that Solar Whisper provides for its customers.

"Our Wildlife are the celebrities," White said. "[Scarface] is a mega star."

Crocodiles have an incredibly well developed immune system, and can often recover from many ailments without veterinary help. However, they can also get into severe territorial fights with other crocodiles, but survive the horrific wounds and even missing limbs.

A stock photo shows a crocodile with its enormous teeth on full display. Scarface is a huge crocodile with multiple scars on his face, probably the result of several fights. Carl Jani/Getty Images