School Students Find 'Hidden Underground Staircase' Leading to Secret Basement

A group of friends found a "hidden underground staircase" in their school, which led to a basement that people have compared to Harry Potter's chamber of secrets.

The students shared their adventure on the TikTok page Ayzpremium, after exploring the cavernous space.

The clip starts with them filming a circular wooden floor, in what looks to be the courtyard of their London school.

The group, who are thought to be in the British equivalent of senior year, remove a wooden panel in one of the circular segments, revealing a gap just big enough to squeeze through.

Beneath is a concrete spiral staircase, which leads into a dark, dank space.

As the group explore the subterranean level, they find trash on the floor, including empty soda and water bottles, suggesting they are not the first students to stumble across the staircase.

They record themselves in the passage, using their phones as flashlights to look round the vast room with high ceilings.

They captioned the clip, shared at the end of last month: "We found a hidden underground staircase in school. Pls it's like them movies with secret passages. Yh never coming here again. [sic]"

Thousands of people have watched the video on TikTok, comparing the footage to a horror movie or something out of Hogwarts.

Some social media users speculated about what the room could have been used for, with a World War II bunker and a restroom among the suggestions.

TikToker Iendl said: "Everyone are gonna be bunking there."

Agreeing, Am not Sam wrote: "When you get into trouble u can go hide under there."

Hi reckoned the clip was "how horror movies start."

Atomica wrote: "You literally found the chamber of secrets."

Torrez Xid joked: "They supposed to say 'I solemnly swear I am up to no good' - Harry P."

Lollipop had concerns, however, asking: "Quick question, watcha doing digging up the place?"

David Maxim warned: "I don't think it's safe be careful tho."

Morgan Owen Bowler-B posted, "I think it's old public toilets," and Unknown User added: "It's actually a bomb shelter for college."

The London students are not the only ones to have found a hidden basement: in May, a woman discovered stairs to a lower level hidden inside a cupboard in her home.

Posting under the TikTok name Abi, she revealed that she previously kept a vacuum cleaner over the fake floor inside the cupboard.

She said: "I can't believe what we just found in our storage cupboard. Someone has 100% been down here. Wtf."

The room had remnants of old posters on the walls and even some shelves up.

"It hasn't been opened up for a good 20 years," Abi said.

Red sneakers on spiral staircase
Stock image of red sneakers on a spiral staircase. A group of students found a secret spiral staircase below their school. #Urban-Photographer/Getty Images