Five Nights at Freddy's Scott Cawthon Won't Apologize for Supporting Trump

An animator who created the critically acclaimed horror survival video game Five Nights at Freddy's in 2014 has refused to apologize for his donations to conservative politicians, including former President Donald Trump.

Scott Cawthon, 43, from Houston, Texas, trended on Twitter after people searched for the animator on public political contributions website Open Secrets and discovered that he had donated to Trump and Senate Minority Leader and veteran Republican Mitch McConnell.

The records also revealed that Cawthon donated to Democratic representative Tulsi Gabbard, who drew criticism in December 2020 for pushing a bill that would ban transgender girls from competing in women's sports.

Cawthon's name and Five Nights at Freddy's trended on Twitter following the revelation, with some fans of the animator expressing their disappointment with his political leanings.

Although he stayed publicly silent on the controversy for a number of days, Cawthon posted to the Five Nights at Freddy's Reddit on Saturday in a statement titled, "My response, and maybe last post," where he confirmed that he has donated to Trump and claimed that people had threatened to come to his house after his address was posted online.

"To say that the last few days have been surreal would be an understatement. I've debated greatly how best to address this, including not addressing it at all, but with so many people from the LGBT community in the fanbase that I love, that's not an option," Cawthon began the statement.

"The candidates I supported included men, women, white people, black people, republicans, and democrats," he wrote. "I supported Tulsi Gabbard, a democrat, even though I disagreed with her on several issues, because I felt she would have been a good and fair president.

"And yes, I supported President Trump, because I felt he was the best man to fuel a strong economy and stand up to America's enemies abroad, of which there are many."

Cawthon then explained his political leanings and refused to apolgize, writing: "I'm a republican. I'm a Christian. I'm pro-life. I believe in God. I also believe in equality, and in science, and in common sense. Despite what some may say, all of those things can go together. That's not an apology or promise to change, it's the way it's always been.

"If I get cancelled, then I get cancelled. I don't do this for the money anymore; I do it because I enjoy it. If people think I'm doing more harm than good now, then maybe it's better that I get cancelled and retire. I would accept that. I've had a fulfilling career. Besides, most things that people can take from you are things that never had much value to begin with."

Following Cawthon's statement on Saturday, the hashtag "#istandbyscott," trended on Twitter as fans came to his defense and reiterated their support for him.

One user wrote: "Scott basically raised me during my childhood, his games were one of the reasons I started drawing. the fact people are threatening to dox him and kill him now is just sad."

Another said: "Thank you Scott Cawthon for making everything possible after all of these years. And Scott if you are reading this, I do believe that you are an amazing person, and you inspired me and even some of my friends, to make most of these FNAF VHS content, and more."

The news came as Cawthon is preparing to release Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach in the second half of 2021, the 10th installment of the series that began when the 2014 game was released.

Newsweek has contacted Cawthon for comment.

Scott Cawthon supported Donald Trump
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 18: Former U.S. President Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower in Manhattan on May 18, 2021 in New York City. An animator who created the critically acclaimed Five Nights at Freddy’s video game in 2014 has refused to apologise for his donations to conservative politicians, including former President Donald Trump. James Devaney/GC Images via Getty Images