'This Show Is Over': Safety Warning at Playboi Carti Gig Goes Viral After Astroworld

The safety warning given at the start of rapper Playboi Carti's Saturday concert in California has gone viral online, sparking comparisons to the Astroworld tragedy and highlighting the importance of concert and venue safety.

Various videos of the blunt warning given by staff before Playboi Carti appeared on stage have been posted online, gaining hundreds of thousands of views each.

The rapper performed at The Forum in Inglewood on November 6, just one day after eight Travis Scott fans died in the crowd at the Astroworld festival at NRG Park.

Investigations into how the tragedy occurred and why the festival performance was allowed to continue are ongoing by Houston officials.

Playboi Carti fan @andreas.carti shared a TikTok video of the warning before the LA show, documenting a man speaking into a mic to fans with a no-nonsense attitude: "If you guys do not follow the rules, if you guys jump over to the floor, if you guys jump over to the floor, if you guys do anything that they consider dangerous, not one, not two, but just one person messing up, this show is over," he warned.

"We are fighting, we are convincing them to let us do this show for you, but this show now if it happens, it is on you. So please, let's have a good time and be respectful. Follow the rules, take care of each other, can we do that?

"I'm here for you, we're here for you, the artist is here to perform for you, but I can't stress enough, let's have a good time. Let's be safe, enjoy the show," he said.

The video has gained over 200,000 views, while another part of the same safety warning has been viewed over 400,000 times.

A view of the speech taken from the back of the venue was posted by TikTok user @cantmakedecisoins4myself, but has since been deleted from the app.

In the clip viewed by Newsweek, the same man can be heard warning the concert-goers: "We're here to do a show for you. You need to cooperate. This is the only way this show happens tonight. We need everybody to take a few steps back and cooperate. If you have seats up top, you need to stay up top. It's the only way tonight happens. There is no other way. This show is now based on how you guys cooperate tonight."

The safety warning has been met with appreciation online and unsurprisingly comparisons to how safety was handled at Astroworld.

"Wish all venues did this tbh. One night isn't worth a life. Stay safe and keep others safe," commented one user.

"Wouldn't have done that if the Astroworld disaster never happened," wrote another user, in response to a fan commenting that "it's good that they take care of their fans."

"As they should. Everything changes from here on out. We can rage but also encourage the safety of others," commented one fan.

Houston officials are performing an investigation into the Astroworld incident, what went wrong, and what could have been done. Crowds compressed towards the front of the stage, leaving eight dead and many hospitalized.

Harris County Judge Lina Hildago called for an "objective, independent" investigation into the night. "Perhaps the plans were inadequate. Perhaps the plans were good but they weren't followed," she said.

According to police officials, as per the Houston Chronicle, the show's promoter Live Nation agreed to cut the show after multiple people collapsed at around 9:38pm and police and firefighters attended to a "mass casualty."

Reports suggest the show didn't finish until 10:15 p.m as Scott continued to finish his set.

Videos from the night on social media show fans pleading with staff to stop the show, as some even climbed onto camera platforms to point out that "there is someone dead in there."

It's unclear whether or not the warning at the Playboi Carti show is a direct consequence of Astroworld, or in conjunction with the rapper's own show which was cancelled weeks ago in Texas with reports of chaotic crowds.

In October, Playboi Carti cancelled his show at the NRG Arena on the night. It is unclear the exact cause of the cancellation, with differing reports.

ABC 7 reported that the show was cancelled due to the behaviour of fans, as they picked up metal fences and destroyed property to get inside the arena. KSAT however reported that the chaos was in response to the news of the show being cancelled.

Newsweek has contacted reps for Playboi Carti for comment.

Playboi Carti performing on stage
Playboi Carti performs at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium on October 14, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. Jason Kempin/Getty Images