Sibling Praised for Defending 'Home Wrecker' After Brother-in-Law Cheated

A worried sibling has been forced to come to the defense of the woman their sister's husband had an affair with in an extraordinary turn of events.

Blood may be thicker than water but for this close relative, the actions of their sister Annie, pushed them to breaking point and ultimately beyond.

In a post shared to Reddit's "Am I The A**hole?" forum, the sibling described how Annie has become "obsessed" with a woman named Jane who her husband cheated on her with back in 2020.

"Jane's not the first or the last. She was one of the decent ones," they explained. "Didn't realize he was married, broke it off when she found out, and sent the proof of his cheating to his wife."

Despite this, Annie's husband claimed Jane was trying to break them up and, according to the poster, she "fell for it." In the years since, they said Annie has been "stalking" Jane on social media—and it's got out of control.

"Any time Jane posts about something bad happening, Annie calls me up to gloat," they wrote. "Any time she posts about anything good that happens, Annie starts crying about how it's not fair."

Matters recently came to a head after Jane "got a high paying new job, got engaged, and is pregnant," with Annie suffering a "full on meltdown" as a result.

Over the past few months, they said it has become "all she ever wants to talk about." According to the post: "She doesn't want advice, doesn't want to leave him, just to vent endlessly."

They said they have tried everything to move the conversation on but "nothing works." Both their mom and other sister are "tired" of it but think they still "need to be gentle" with Annie. Unfortunately, Annie's sibling said they reached "boiling point" this week after Annie began saying Jane's fiancé "would cheat" because "she's too fat" and her baby "would be a b******."

"I don't care because I won and she lost," Annie allegedly said. "She had him for a week and I have him for a lifetime." That proved to be the breaking point. The post said that at this point they erupted, branding Annie's husband a "slimy serial cheater who likes to creep on barely legal teens" and someone "who never supported her through illness or depression."

The poster said Annie's husband "never lifts a finger around the house, sulks about having to 'babysit' his own kids" and "makes mean jokes about her" appearance. "I said something like: 'Maybe you're obsessed with Jane's life because it's yours is a massive dumpster fire,'" the sibling said.

As a result of the outburst, the sibling has been forced to come off social media after "getting nonstop hate from Annie, her friends, and extended family for being cruel," who have claimed they "have no morals and condone cheating."

But the majority of Reddit felt otherwise. ThePlaguedSummoner, for one, felt Annie is in need of "professional help."

"Your sister is obsessed with someone who her husband cheated on her with, broke up with said husband once she found out about him still being married and has since moved on," they noted. Haizzyyy urged the poster to "contact Jane and tell her to put her [social media] accounts on private because of Annie stalking her," branding Annie's behavior "borderline creepy."

Aussie_nub suggested the family stage an "intervention of sorts." They said: "You need to apologize to her for being so blunt, but tell her that her aggressive behavior is not going to be tolerated and that you're there for her."

Mochi_Kitsune also offered up a solution to help Annie stop talking about Jane. "Anytime she tries to talk about her, I would just say straight up 'I don't want to talk about her, Annie,' and change the subject," they said. "Shut her down every time she even brings Jane up. She'll get the hint eventually and will stop complaining to you about her."

Celticlady47 was among those who felt the situation could be more serious than initially thought. "Jane needs to know about how unhinged your sister is so she can take steps to protect herself just in case Annie tries to hurt her or her new baby," they warned.

According to Stalking Risk Profile, a website designed for people working with victims or perpetrators of stalking, Annie may fall under the profile of "The Resentful stalker."

"Resentful stalking arises when the stalker feels as though they have been mistreated or that they are the victim of some form of injustice or humiliation," they explain. "Victims are strangers or acquaintances who are seen to have mistreated the stalker. The initial motivation for stalking is the desire for revenge or to 'even the score' and the stalking is maintained by the sense of power and control that the stalker derives from inducing fear in the victim."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

The story came to light just weeks after a woman detailed how she forced her son to admit to her pregnant daughter-in-law that he had been unfaithful. Elsewhere, a woman decided to conduct a "loyalty test" on her partner with disastrous results.

A distraught woman and a man.
Stock image of an upset woman and a man. A woman has received an unwelcome wake-up call from her sibling after becoming obsessed with the woman her husband had an affair with. fizkes/Getty