Laughter As 'Smartest Dogs' Convinced Song Lyrics Are Giving Them Commands

They may be the geniuses of the dog world, but two collies mistaking song lyrics for commands—and performing tricks accordingly—has the internet in hysterics.

In a video shared by TikTok user Carrie Bailey (@everythingspiritual) on October 22, a Border Collie and an Australian shepherd can be seen "turning around" to Bonnie Tyler's '80s hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

"When the smartest dogs in the world (Border Collie + Aussie) think the song is giving them commands," wrote Carrie alongside the cute clip, with the darling duo receiving almost 995,000 likes and 4.5 million views in just two days.


Mystic + Spirit ✨ Border Collies are apparently the #1 smartest dog and Aussies are 56 on the list I believe 😂 op @rachelmoncada7 #aussies #bordercollie #funny #australianshepherd #trending #fyp #trend

♬ original sound - aric johnson45

'Remarkably Intelligent'

A 1994 study by canine psychologist Stanley Coren attempted to break down exactly what made a dog "intelligent." In his landmark book The Intelligence of Dogs, Coren used three measures—adaptive intelligence (problem-solving), working intelligence (ability to follow orders) and instinctive intelligence (natural smarts or talent)—to rank breeds on brain power.

Border Collies took the number spot, followed by poodles and German shepherds. These dogs are part of the "top tier," which includes breeds that learn new commands easily and obey 95 percent of the time. In an update to his study, Coren released the list of smartest dogs for 2022, with Border Collies still topping the list.

They may also be a herding dog, but Coren's research puts Australian shepherds at number 46, making them part of the "fourth tier." Classed as "average working dogs," it can take fourth-tier canines between 25 and 40 attempts to learn a new skill, with listed breeds only obeying commands roughly 50 percent of the time. However, the American Kennel Association disagrees that Australian Shepherds are "average," describing the breed as "remarkably intelligent."

Two Border Collies in a Garden
A stock photo of two Border Collies in a backyard, one is lying down in the grass and the other is standing up. Research suggests that Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are two of the world's most intelligent dog breeds, but even they get it wrong sometimes. Darren Jasieniecki/iStock/Getty Images Plus

'Turn Around'

In the cute clip, pups Mystic and Spirit can be seen twirling in sync to the Glee cover of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Whenever they hear "turn around," the pair spin around in a circle, delighting TikTokers.

"The dogs are like why are you laughing though," said user Mademoiselle.

"They look so ready for a treat for a job well done as well," wrote user7658115950761.

"Plot twist, they know it's not a command but they see how happy it makes you so they keep doing it," commented honeymlktoast.

Others suspected the clip is a fake, with cassandra.complex claiming it's "too fast to be real."

"Dog was turning at the T in 'turn around,'" she wrote.

"They're probably giving commands behind the camera," wrote Cam.

"Guys obviously it's not real this isn't even an original audio. It's just cute damn," commented antisocialpd.

While user35662460398844 was just disappointed that their own dog can't master such moves.

"Umm I have a border collie Aussie and it's a few fries short of a happy meal," they wrote.

"I've tried for months and can't even get him to roll over."

Newsweek has reached out to @everythingspiritual for comment.

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