Smartphone Explodes in Man's Hand, Causes House to Catch Fire

A frightening incident involving a practically-brand-new smartphone left a man's house in flames.

Andrew Granger of Glasgow, Scotland, bought his Samsung Galaxy A02 last month, reported the Daily Record.

However, only three weeks into enjoying his new device, Granger reportedly felt it burning up in his hand.

He then dropped the overheating Samsung onto the floor of his home, where it exploded upon impact with a loud "bang." Soon, flames were erupting from the damaged smartphone.

"I was coming in my front door and it just went bang, like an explosion," explained the 35-year-old cyber security worker to the Daily Record.

"The entire back of it and the battery exploded," he added.

In response to the boom, Granger reportedly moved the phone toward the front window of his home and grabbed some water to stop the fire from spreading. That move, however, was perhaps ill-advised: the blaze spread to his curtains, resulting in a bona-fide house fire.

"When I took it over to the window the curtains caught fire, which is probably my fault. I had to call the fire brigade out to extinguish it," he explained.

According to the Daily Record, the "terrified" Granger called the fire department using a neighbor's phone.

While Granger is now safe, the mishap left some lasting damage to his home. "You can see the mark on my carpet where I dropped it," he said. "It was absolutely petrifying, the dog was freaking out and all of my smoke alarms were going off."

"The phone is a complete riot. It's absolutely destroyed," he added, noting that he attempted to return the defective phone to the store where he bought it. They, however, refused to take it—ironically, because it had suffered from water damage, resulting from Granger putting out the fire. "I was completely appalled, I've never seen customer service like it in my life," he said.

This incident is not the first time that reports of Samsung smartphone batteries exploding have made headlines. In 2016, the brand's Galaxy Note 7 came under fire, literally, for their tendency to spontaneously combust. The issues with the device, which caused their batteries to explode and catch fire while charging, prompted a product recall.

Galaxy Note 7
A man in Scotland accidentally burned parts of his house after his new Samsung smartphone caught fire and exploded in his doorway. A group of pedestrians pass an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Two years later, in 2018, Samsung was sued by a woman in Long Island, New York who alleged that her brand-new Galaxy Note 9 suddenly burst into flames. The woman said her phone became extremely hot to the touch and started smoking.

Newsweek reached out to Samsung for further comment but did not hear back in time for publication.