'Smash Ultimate' Echo Fighters: Every Difference Between Characters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has 74 characters in its base roster. Seven of those roster members are known as Echo Fighters, and are characters that are almost the same as others. Many players may consider Echo Fighters "clones" but they have enough differences in visual design and playstyle that makes them much more than just a reskin of another character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

While the difference between Echo Fighters and their original counterparts can be noticeable some aren't as obvious.

Here's a list of all the Echo Fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and what makes them different.

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Samus and Dark Samus are different in 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' NewsGeek/Nintendo


Lucina is the Echo Fighter of Marth, and both hail from the Fire Emblem franchise. Their fighting styles and kits are very similar, but there is one big difference.

Marth is known for his sword attacks, which do more damage when enemies are hit with the tip rather than the middle or hilt of the weapon. Lucina's attacks do equal damage no matter where the sword hits an opponent.

This makes Lucina a more consistent damage dealer and an easier Smash Ultimate character to use for beginners.


Dark Pit is the Echo Fighter of Pit from the game Kid Icarus: Uprising. While they look similar - aside from Dark Pit's….darker hair color and clothes - their main difference is found in two of their specials.

Pit has more control over his arrows, while Dark Pit's arrows deal more damage and have a greater knockback. Also, Dark Pit's arrows don't fly as far.

Both character's side specials launch opponents at different angles. Pit launches opponents straight upward, while Dark Pit launches them further back. Dark Pit's side special is also stronger and deals electrical damage. Dark Pit's Final Smash is the same as in Smash 4, and is unique from Pit's.


Making her debut in Smash Ultimate, Daisy is the Echo Fighter of Peach. Despite their slightly different appearances, there is almost no variation in their movesets.

The only difference that isn't cosmetic is that Daisy is a little shorter than Peach, which affects her hitbox and hurtbox.


We return to the Fire Emblem series with Chrom, the Echo Fighter of Roy. Similar to the differences between Marth and Lucina, Roy's power comes from the hilt of his sword, while Chrom distributes damage equally throughout.

Their up specials are also vastly different. Roy's launches fighters into the air with a sword flip before hurling them back down to the floor. Chrom's up special also flings opponents into the air, but he performs a flurry of attacks before knocking them back to the floor. Chrom's Final Smash is also different from Roy's.


Simon Belmont and his Echo Fighter, Richter, both made their debuts in Smash Ultimate. Similar to Daisy and Peach, the differences between them are really small. The only real distinction between the two is their Holy Water attack. Simon's attack is fire-based while Richter's is aura-based.


Like their kits and fighting styles in Street Fighter, Ryu and his Echo Fighter Ken have a number of differences in Smash Ultimate.

Many of Ken's attacks involve fire, and his Hadoken is a different shape than Ryu's, so they have different hitboxes. Ken's Focus Attack is a kick, as opposed to Ryu's punch. The red-clad fighter's standard attacks also include more kicks..

Ken's Heavy Shoryuken becomes fire-based with multi-hit capabilities and a greater knockback than Ryu's. His Tatsumaki Senpukyaku hits multiple times, but has a lower knockback than Ryu's.

Ken also walks and runs faster than Ryu.


Samus and her Echo Fighter, Dark Samus, may look the same, but there are some interesting differences that may not be immediately noticeable to newcomers to Smash Ultimate.

Dark Samus' charged shot and missiles are launched lower than Samus'. Samus' fire-based attacks (like her missiles and up smash) become electric-based with Dark Samus. However, the biggest difference is how each character dodges. Samus rolls into a morphball to dodge, while Dark Samus simply slides to the side. This difference allows Dark Samus to recover and hit back a little faster than Samus.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch.

Which Echo Fighter is your favorite? Is there any difference we may have missed? Let us know in the comments section below.