'Smash Ultimate' The Hero DLC and Version 4.0 to Release July 30

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai took fans through a guided demo of the gameplay of The Hero, from the Dragon Quest series, in Nintendo's premiere fighting game and announced the DLC character's release date.

The Hero, as part of Challenger Pack 2, will drop in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on July 30. Specific timing was not given, but from previous updates it usually releases in the evening on the East Coast of the US.

Sakurai also used the demo to give more details on the Dragon Quest series, each hero protagonist from the games represented and a walkthrough of the character's attacks and specials.

Check out Sakurai's demo below.

the hero smash ultimate final smash


Sakurai confirms that The Hero has the most moves of any character in Smash Ultimate. The gimmick for The Hero is that he has an MP meter, which determines if they can use their various spells. This meter refills over time, but players will need to keep an eye on it.

When the spell screen is activated, a list of spells will appear randomly. You can choose one to use using your MP, each spell uses a different amount of meter. Players can cancel with the shield button and to reshuffle the list of spells you can use.

The Hero's smash attack has a chance to land a critical hit, which will deal more damage. The Hero's special is Frizz, which can be charged to varying degrees. If you charge it fully, you can store it to use later but if you don't have MP when you launch nothing will happen. You can also cancel out a charge with shield and continue charging.

The Hero's side special is a lightning attack that can also be charged to have various effects.


Sakurai also revealed some details on Version 4.0. The Final Smash meter is now timed, so the longer you wait the higher the probability that you'll lose it. It's best to use the Final Smash when you get it as soon as possible.

A new easy difficulty will be added to the Adventure Mode for a more chill experience. Players will also be able to predict a winner when in spectator mode. Guess and you'll earn currency to unlock more spirits and items.

Online tourney mode will be added. The rules are pre-set but will change in time. There will also be official tourneys added in time.

Earlier this month, Nintendo released a compilation video of upcoming titles on its YouTube channel. Originally, the title was a spotlight of July releases that included highlights of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Dark Order, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fortnite Season 9. However, the title was quickly changed to "summer."

The Hero can be purchased as part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass, which includes the already released Joker and four other fighters. This Fighters Pass also includes new stages, music and more. The Hero from the Dragon Quest series will also be available to purchase separately.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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