Snake Venom in Drinking Water Causing Covid Is Latest Conspiracy Theory

A recent conspiracy theory claims that snake venom is being pumped into drinking water and causing COVID.

The theory surfaced in a documentary called Watch the Water, produced by radio host Stew Peters. In the video, Peters interviews a retired chiropractor named Bryan Ardis, who says he believes that king cobra venom is being administered to people in order to infect them with the devil's DNA.

In the documentary, Ardis said that COVID isn't a virus at all, but the result of the snake venom that is being pumped into drinking water and given to people via vaccinations. Before the documentary aired, Ardis had previously said that remdesivir, an antiviral medication sometimes used to treat COVID, was killing people.

Ardis also said he believes the pope and the Roman Catholic church is "all over this entire thing."

"I think the plan all along was to get the serpent's, the evil one's DNA into your God-created DNA," Ardis said in the documentary. "...And I think they want to get that venom inside of you and make you a hybrid of Satan."

King cobra venom is potent and can cause death within 30 minutes, depending on the amount administered. The venom contains neurotoxins that can cause paralysis and pain throughout the body. Depending on the amount within the blood stream, it can cause hemorrhaging and necrosis.

Medical Analysis

Dr Gareth Nye, programme lead for medical science and a lecturer at Chester Medical School, told Newsweek that he believes conspiracy theories such as this result from a combination of "fear and uncertainty" surrounding global changes.

"Whenever a change occurs like the introduction of 5G, the rise of genetically modified foods or in this case, COVID-19 there is often a lack of clear dissemination of the scientific basis which can lead to understandable worry. This has been happening since the dawn of time..." he said.

Nye added that snake venom is "not that same as poison," and if swallowed through the drinking water, it would not cause the effects Ardis was talking about.

"The protein-based toxins of snake venom need to get into your bloodstream to cause substantial damage. If you swallowed it, your stomach acids and digestive enzymes would likely break it down as it does with most foreign bodies," he said. "If it did manage to survive your stomach and by chance enter your bloodstream via your intestines, it would first pass through your liver which is set up to further detoxify your blood. Even if any still survived, the symptoms of reduced eye movement, droopy eyelids and difficulty talking, swallowing and breathing would last 5-10 hours at most."

Nye said that even if snake venom was in the drinking water, it would need "unimaginable quantities" to reach the bloodstream and cause the effects of COVID.

"Secondly, everyone would be getting sick with it and would remain sick which is simply not the case," he said.

As COVID is still a relatively new virus, Nye said conspiracies like this are likely to keep spreading. A lack of clarity on the virus causes a "swift rise" in misinformation, he said.

Despite the backlash the documentary has received from scientists, the controversial theory has spread across the internet, and many have taken Ardis' side.

One Twitter user, Penny L.A. Shepard said: "Re Dr. Bryan Ardis "Watch The Water"-- I absolutely concur. 1. My brother David worked at Hyperion Water District, was shop steward; got boxes of docs & said he knew they were poisoning the water in the 80s; wrote an unpublished book "the whistleblower" for which he was murdered."

Another user, Kevin McNamara, said the theory was "breaking news," and described the documentary as "scary and fascinating."

Artisbrutal2021 tweeted: "I'm just watching "Watch the Water" There may be a lot to think about."

King cobra
A file photo of a king cobra. Their venom is potent, and Ardis believes it is being pumped into drinking water and COVID vaccinations. Cavan Images/Getty Images