Son's X-Rated Homework Answer Has Internet in Stitches: 'Made My Day'

A parent was left in stitches at their son's X-rated answer to an innocent schoolwork question, which was purely due to his inability to properly space out words.

They posted a snap of the worksheet to Reddit's Funny forum, under username Steezo_J, as they joked: "My son knows how to spread out his words!"

The schoolwork, from a math textbook, asks: "Deann gives him a pen that is longer than the marker. Is the pen longer than the chalk? Explain."

The question is accompanied by an illustration of a pen and a piece of chalk.

The boy seems to have answered correctly, but his penmanship gave his response a completely different meaning.

He wrote: "Yes the pen is." However, he left no discernible gap between "pen" and "is," so it resembled a different word, one that refers to a part of the male anatomy.

The photo has amassed more than 15,000 upvotes since being posted on Wednesday, and can be seen here, as other parents found the mishap equally hilarious.

A_GrayGray joked: "That sentence needs an exclamation mark!"

NoNamePhantom wondered: "Which is why spacing is important. I wonder what grade the teacher gave him."

Meanwhileinjapan quipped: "The answer to any question."

Assembled44 asked: "Joke aside, how the hell are you suppose to explain why something is longer."

Druglord_Sen thought: "HBO's new dating show, from the producers of 'Say Yes! To the Dress'."

TheRealKushh873 commented: "Asking a question like this warrants for answers like these."

DrNikkiMik said: "How missing a single space made my day."

While Lim98SE added: "This is making me laugh harder than it really should."

While it's not clear how old the student is, the Official website of the Department of Homeland Security explained that youngsters start their education at around five or six.

How missing a single space made my day."

Website K-12 explained the benchmarks students are meant to attain, including counting to 10, identifying shapes, rhyming words, writing letters and numerals and speaking in sentences using five to six words.

They shared some advice for parents to prepare their children for kindergarten, including helping them write their name, sorting objects by color, size and shape, talking about days of the week and reading to children.

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Newsweek reached out to Steezo_J for comment.

File photo of handwriting.
File photo of handwriting. A kid's answer to a school question has the internet in stitches. Dinkoobraz/Getty Images