Does The Green Goblin Return In The 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Trailer?

A leaked trailer showed the future of Spider-Man in No Way Home after his identity was revealed, leading to a life of unwanted fame.

The team at Sony decided to release the real trailer as a result, sharing what really happens to Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland) in the upcoming film.

The leaked version was similar in many ways, however this new and improved clip reveals some exciting storylines fans would never have noticed previously.

One of the joys of the official trailer was seeing returning villains in the flesh for the first time since their original outings, though one villain's presence came as a real surprise.

Does The Green Goblin Return?

During a fight scene, which sees Spider-Man battling on a bridge covered in cars, a villain seems to make his return.

The Green Goblin, who emerged as the main villain in Spider-Man, the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man outing in 2002, seems to arrive to cause more carnage.

One of his electronic grenades is thrown, after which a helmet seems to land on the floor along with a booming and recognizable laugh.

This laugh belongs to none other than Norman Osborn, the crazed businessman who became the heavily-armored villain after being exposed to the goblin formula in the 2002 movie.

His exposure saw him fly around New York City on a hoverboard, causing death and destruction as he beckoned Spider-Man out to face him.

Eventually, in the original movie in which he appeared, Norman discovered who the real Spider-Man was, and used mirrors and his frightening voice to lure him into danger.

In the end, however, Spider-Man overcame him, only for this to inadvertently spark the next Green Goblin to take over: Norman's son Harry, who was furious with Spider-Man for killing his father.

As a result, it is hard to know which Green Goblin could appear, though fans will likely be hoping to see Willem Dafoe, the original villain, riding in on his hoverboard.

However, if it is Harry's Green Goblin who features, this would mean a return to the franchise for James Franco.

One thing is for sure if the trailer is to be believed: Green Goblin is back in action in one way or another.

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The other villain to be seen in the flesh was Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) who was the main villain of the second film in this trilogy.

Doc Ock was another scientist whose experiments caused him to be fused with tentacles, and set about his desire to bring about the ruination of New York City.

The final villain who we know to be returning, but did not have a part in this trailer, is Electro (Jamie Foxx) who appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

His character, Max Dillon, was an Oscorp employee who idolized Spider-Man after he was rescued by the webslinger.

However, after he falls into a tank of genetically-engineered electric eels who give him electricity-wielding powers, he believes Spider-Man is out to get him and turns on his former idol.

Foxx has revealed the returning Electro will look nothing like the original, namely with his no longer having a bright blue face.

Fans have been long hoping the return of these villains also suggests their Spider-Man counterparts will also return, in the form of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Sony and Marvel have been keeping that well under their hats, with even Tom Holland, who has taken on the Spider-Man mantle, denying the rumors.

As is always the case with these movies, fans will just have to wait and see when it comes out this Christmas.