'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Trailer Teases a Multiverse and That Could Mean Big Things for the MCU

The latest trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home has dropped, and it brings an end to this phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and sets up what's to come, namely the possibility of a multiverse in the MCU.

There will be massive spoilers for Avengers: Endgame in this story (and in the trailer) so if you haven't watched the latest Marvel Studios film you'll want to turn back now. If you've watched the movie, check out the latest trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home below.

Besides the obvious callback to the death of Iron Man in Endgame, the latest Far From Home trailer brings more familiar action and comical scenes as well as introducing fans to a possible multiverse by way of Mysterio (played by Jake Gyllenhaal).

Mysterio says that he wishes he had someone like Spider-Man "on his world." Nick Fury explains to Peter Parker that Thanos' snap in Infinity War somehow opened up a hole to that dimension.

This opens up a whole lot of possibilities for the MCU and Spider-Man specifically. Here's a rundown of what this could mean.

spiderman far from home mysterio multiverse trailer
Mysterio makes his MCU debut in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Marvel Studios/YouTube


Fans of the comics know that Mysterio is a member of Spider-Man's rogues gallery. So to see him in a heroic role is a giant red flag to question his real motives.

The popular theory is that Quentin Beck (Mysterio) is actually just playing a hero for his own ulterior motives and that he's lying about the Elementals, who are the bad guys shown in the trailers. It's possible that Mysterio could be lying about the multiverse to ingratiate himself with Spider-Man and SHIELD.


One of the most popular and well-received comic book films of 2018 was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. While not a part of the MCU, introducing the multiverse in Far From Home could bring Spidey closer to bringing the storyline from the comics to life.

The Spider-Verse storyline in Marvel Comics brought different incarnations of Spider-Man from the publisher's long history to the forefront like Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099 and many more. It also gave life to one of the most popular newly created characters in Marvel Comics in Spider-Gwen.

After Far From Home, Peter could be taking a trip through the multiverse or other Spider people could be making their way to the MCU.


Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox properties means Marvel Studios has the movie rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. While it doesn't seem like Disney has immediate plans for either property, introducing the multiverse could be how Marvel's First Family and the misfit mutants make their way into the MCU without having to explain why they never showed up in the past 10-plus years.

And that can happen by bringing this storyline to life …


Following the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, many fans are wondering what the Marvel Studios films could be building toward next.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed that Far From Home is the end of Phase 3. The second trailer confirms this, as it takes place not long after Endgame and bringing the idea of multiverse into the MCU.

So what could this build towards? Secret Wars is being tossed around among fans, and it could make adding Marvel characters from previously unused properties easier. A 2015 storyline, Secret Wars - a story that was similar to the original 80s comics - brought heroes and villains from alternate universes onto one world thanks to Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom who held the power of the Beyonders.

Following the events of Secret Wars, numerous alternate worlds like the Ultimate Universe - the home of Miles Morales - were destroyed and incorporated into the new Marvel universe.

Marvel Studios could use this storyline as a template to bring characters like the Fantastic Four and X-Men into their movies and have them stick around after the event.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to release in theaters July 2.

What did you think of the latest Spider-Man trailer? Are you excited for the multiverse to be introduced to the MCU? Let us know in the comments section below.