'Spoiled' Pit Bull Demanding To Be Tucked-In at Bedtime Wins Hearts Online

From lavish bedroom makeovers to pink glitter manicures, there's no telling how far dog owners will go for their furbabies. Tucking your canine companion in at bedtime isn't much of a stretch for many dog lovers, but one pedantic pit bull has the internet in stitches due to their strict bedtime routine.

In a video shared to TikTok by the account @linda_athena, Linda the dog can be seen (and heard) demanding her owner Kandis Thomas tuck her into her dog bed.

Captioning the clip, Thomas wrote: "Bedtime with Linda! Doesn't matter what you thought you had planned for tonight... It's bedtime, Linda says!"

@linda_athena Bedtime with Linda! Doesn’t matter what you thought you had planned for tonight… It’s bedtime, Linda says!😂🤷‍♀️🐾 #lindasays #lifewithlinda #blanketsforlinda #tuckinlinda2022 #ilovelinda #istandwithlinda #listenlinda #needmoreblankets #bedtimewithlinda #fyp #justiceforlinda ♬ original sound - Kandis Thomas

In the footage, Linda can be seen grumpily sitting in her dog bed, whining for Thomas to come over and tuck her in.

"It's not even 10:00 o'clock," Thomas says, while Linda continues to whine.

"Ok, fine," Thomas concedes. "You need tucked in that bed? Get comfy."

A happier-looking Linda then lies down in her dog bed, while her mom rearranges the covers so she's nice and snug.

"Look at all these wrinkles," she says, smoothing out the covers for Linda before wrapping her up like a bug in a rug. Linda then immediately falls asleep.

Since being shared on March 19, the video has received over 2.2 million views, 284,000 likes and 7,000 comments from TikTokers who can't get enough of the bossy pit bull's diva attitude.

Sonia said: "The way she needed her blanket straightened out and her perfectly tucked."

Tony commented: "Pibbles are the biggest babies and soooo needy."

While Mandyfhf Crabb joked: "Linda is my spirit animal."

Despite Linda being a big softie, pit bulls have a reputation for being violent. The stereotype likely stems from the breed's origins, as pit bulls were originally bred for bull baiting and later used for dog fighting. Pit bulls are responsible for more injuries to humans than any other breed in the U.S.

In a 2019 study that analyzed dog attack data from as far back as the 1970s, pit bulls had the highest percentage of bites at 22.5 percent. This put them ahead of mixed breeds at 21.2 percent and German shepherds at 17.8 percent. However, Sara Enos, founder and president of the American Pit Bull Foundation, believes owners are to blame for dangerous dog behavior, and not the animals themselves.

In an interview with Time Magazine in 2014, Enos said: "It really boils down to being responsible owners. Any dog from any breed can be aggressive, it matters how it's treated."

Linda is clearly a sweetheart. In Thomas' other videos, she can be seen snacking on pumpkins with her Rottweiler sister Athena, chasing her mom on a zipline and booping a talk button in a duck onesie. As she recently beat cancer, it's fair to say Linda is extra deserving of some snuggles.

Commenting on the tuck-in video, many TikTokers wondered how dogs managed to go from fierce beasts to babies who need to be pampered.

Toni said: "I'm constantly saying to my dog, 'you would never survive in the wild.' Linda too."

Sleepswith2dogs wrote: "One of mine does the same thing, but before every nap as well, so 4-5 times/day! We also get that deep sigh of relief after she's finally covered."

RomanJd93 shared: "Mine prefers a full body massage at that moment."

Stephaniekma commented: "I do this for my Frenchie she loves it... very spoiled but all dogs /animals deserve to be."

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Pitbull Demands To Be Tucked-In at Bedtime
A Pitbull falling sleep wrapped up in a blanket. TikTok users couldn't get enough of Linda's demanding bedtime routine. Cindy Shebley/iStock/Getty Images Plus