Every 'Squid Game' Death Ranked From Gruesome to Downright Disturbed

Netflix's wildly popular K-drama Squid Game sees 456 cash-strapped contestants fight to the death to win a huge cash prize. Unsurprisingly, then, it is full of gore and violence.

That said, there are definitely some eliminations that hit harder than others, with some heartbreaking and unexpected twists along the way.

Here, we rank the most noteworthy deaths in Squid Game, from gruesome to downright disturbed.

**WARNING: Major spoilers ahead**

6. No. 069 and No. 070

Episode 6, "Gganbu" / Episode 7, "VIPs"

No.070 and No.069 in Squid Game
No.070 and No.069 in Netflix's "Squid Game" are a married couple, who are forced to face each other in a brutal round of marbles. Netflix

While every single episode of Squid Game includes brutal tasks and gory deaths, Episode 6 is by far the most heartbreaking of all (as we'll expand on below).

The contestants are first placed into a room, before they are told they have to pair up. Owing to the fact there is an uneven number at this stage, one player will be left without a partner.

Some decide to be strategic and team up with physically strong or intelligent players, while others see it as an opportunity to pair with their pals. One such couple is husband and wife, No. 069 and No. 070.

Despite initially believing the task would see them fight other couples in order to avoid elimination, in a dark turn of events, the players are told once they enter the arena that they would, in fact, be facing each other.

After the most intense round of marbles known to man, No. 070 (the wife) loses and is shot dead by the guards. Later, back in the dorm where the players sleep, her husband No. 069 takes his own life.

5. Mi-nyeo / No. 212 (Kim Joo-ryoung) & Deok-su / No. 101 (Heo Sung-tae)

Episode 7, "VIPs"

Heo Sung-tae in Squid Game
Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae) meets a grisly end in one of the later rounds in "Squid Game." Netflix

Although they (sort of) formed an alliance at the start, Mi-nyeo and Deok-su soon drifted when the former began acting as though their bond was a romantic one in front of the other players.

Believing this to be tactical and not wanting to be the recipient of her affections, Deok-su rather savagely cut ties with Mi-nyeo and she was left alone while everyone else was paired up ahead of the marble round.

Rather than being eliminated there and then, however, due to a clause in the contract she survived, greeting Deok-su upon his return to the dorms.

It wasn't until the following game, which involved contestants walking across suspended, tempered and untempered glass, that both Deok-su and Mi-nyeo met their demise.

Mi-nyeo seizes the opportunity to exact her revenge on Deok-su by leaping onto the same glass tile as him. Embracing him in a firm grip, she confronts his behavior towards her, before plunging them both off the platform towards their doom (which is horrifically graphic).

4. Sang-woo / No. 218 (Park Hae-soo)

Episode 9, "One Lucky Day"

Sang-woo in Squid Game
Sang-woo (Park Hae Soo) in Netflix's "Squid Game" turns out to be pretty devious. Nonetheless, his death was pretty hard-to-watch. Netflix

Although Sang-woo kind of redeemed himself at the very end, it is hard to feel completely moved by his grisly end. Not only did he screw over Ali (RIP) and willfully kill the glassmaker, he then went on to kill No. 067 (more about that in a moment).

However, it must be said that his death is one of the more gruesome ones in the show. First, he and Gi-hun get into a bloody fist fight, then Gi-hun's hand is penetrated with Sang-woo's steak knife, and finally, Sang-woo takes matters into his own hands and slits his own throat in order for his childhood friend to win the contest.

Honorable? Perhaps. But he's still in our bad books.

3. Sae-byeok / No. 067 (HoYeon Jung)

Episode 8, "Front Man"

Sae-byeok in Squid Game
Sae-byeok's (HoYeon Jung) death is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in "Squid Game." Netflix

After being wounded by a shard of glass in the previous round, Sae-byeok pleads with Gi-hun to look after her little brother if he wins the contest. At first he does not understand her request, but he soon realizes she is injured and losing a lot of blood.

Going over to demand help from the guards, Gi-hun frantically pounds on the steel doors and begs for assistance. When they finally open the doors, however, they are carrying one of those infamous black coffins with a bow on top.

Stunned, Gi-hun turns around, only to find that Sang-woo has brutally slit Sae-byeok's throat.

We will never be okay about this. Ever.

2. Ali / No. 199 (Anupam Tripathi)

Episode 6, "Gganbu"

Ali from Squid Game
Ali's (Anupam Tripathi) elimination from "Squid Game" is also a pretty gut-wrenching scene. Netflix

Another gut-wrenching death caused by Sang-woo was that of Ali, a Pakistani native who had been living in Seoul with his family. Despite being at a disadvantage to the other players, who are mostly familiar with the traditional Korean games, Ali soon has the upper hand in the game of marbles against Sang-woo.

Recognizing his impending doom, Sang-woo manages to convince Ali that the best thing to do is to scout the area and check out the other competitors. Before sending Ali on his way, he takes his bag of marbles and replaces the glass balls with rocks.

Our ever-loyal friend Ali only realizes he's been hoodwinked at the end, when the timer is up. So, despite being the clear winner of the game, Ali is shot dead by the guards instead of Sang-woo.

1. Ji-yeong / No. 240 (Lee Yoo-Mi)

Episode 6, "Gganbu"

Ji-yeong in Squid Game
Ji-yeong / No. 240 (Lee Yoo-Mi) is by far the hardest-to-watch elimination in Netflix's "Squid Game." Netflix

We weren't lying when we said that Episode 6 pulls at the heartstrings. Not only do we lose a number of key contestants in the round of marbles, we learn a great deal more about their outside life.

Unlike the others, Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong decide not to spend the allotted time playing a game, but, rather, converse about their lives on the outside world.

Sae-byeok divulges details about her past life in North Korea and the brutal murders of her family members, before Ji-yeong reveals that she had just got out of prison. After coming home to find her mother lying on the floor dead and her father standing over her limp body, Ji-yeong launched herself at him and killed him.

They also speak about what they'd do with the money, with Sae-byeok fantasizing about the island of Jeju and Ji-yeong promising to go with her—before remembering that only one of them would survive the deadly contest. In the final moments of the game, the pair decide to play their own version of marbles.

No matter the outcome, it would have been heartbreaking, but Ji-yeong's elimination is without a doubt the most distressing death of all in Squid Game.

Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix now.