Who Is the Front Man in Netflix's 'Squid Game' and What Happened to the Policeman?

Squid Game—the gripping new Netflix K-drama that's on track to become the streamer's biggest series of all time—has left fans desperate for a second season.

The mystery thriller sees 456 cash-strapped people battle each other in a series of extreme survival games on a remote island for the chance to win 45.6 billion Korean won (around $38.4 million), with the losers from each game facing death.

The show's captivating final episode has left viewers with more burning questions than ever, ending with an intriguing dark twist.

Mysteries remain around several characters, including the backstory of the Front Man and the fate of the police officer who infiltrated the game facility.

**Note: This article includes several Squid Game spoilers from this point onward.**

Who Is the Front Man?

The Front Man (played by South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun, familiar to Western audiences from the G.I. Joe film series) oversees the survival competition.

Giving Grim Reaper vibes, the mysterious character appears in an all-black outfit, including a black mask. His look stands out from that of other staff members who don hot pink tracksuits with a black mask each bearing either a circle, triangle or square symbol.

The Front Man observes the competition through several monitoring screens as the games unfold. He sometimes steps in when a situation gets out of control during the games, such as when the identity of a staff member is somehow revealed (which is forbidden in the games), in which case the Front Man storms in and executes the exposed staffer.

The Front Man is also often seen answering a phone call back at his quarters, communicating with the person on the other line about the ongoing competition.

A still from "Squid Game" on Netflix.
The Front Man character in "Squid Game" on Netflix. Netflix

Later in the series it is revealed that the Front Man is a former winner of the survival competition whose name is Hwang In-ho. It is unknown how or why he got involved in managing the contest.

The series reveals the Front Man has been communicating with Oh Il-nam (player no. 001, the old man revealed as the mastermind who orchestrated the games).

Following the end of the competition, Il-nam is seen bedridden in an empty corner of an office building and dies just after revealing the truth about the games to Gi-hun (player no. 456, who won the competition).

The Front Man briefly appears in the scene after Il-nam's death and closes the old man's eyes shut, raising questions about whether the Front Man is somehow linked to Il-nam's death.

And what does this mean for the future of the survival competition? Is the Front Man now the ringleader of the games? Or is there someone else above him?

"Squid Game" on Netflix.
A still from "Squid Game" on Netflix. Netflix

What Happened to the Policeman?

Mysteries also remain around Hwang Jun-ho (played by South Korean actor Wi Ha-joon), the police officer who managed to enter the game facility disguised as a staff member.

Jun-ho has been determined to get to the bottom of what happened to his older brother (who we later find out is the Front Man) who went missing years ago.

He was able to infiltrate the game facility by following Gi-hun while the player was being transported to the competition. Eventually the officer discovers an archives room at the facility and finds the record of his brother winning the competition in 2015.

His cover is soon blown and he later is chased down by staffers as well as the Front Man. While on the run on the island, Jun-ho calls his superior to call for backup police to track him down. Battling a weak phone signal, he tells his superior that he will send the files he'd gathered about the game facility via his phone. But it's unclear whether the messages had gone through.

The Front Man later confronts Jun-ho at a cliff's edge on the island and reveals his identity before shooting Jun-ho just near his shoulder, throwing him off the cliff and towards the sea.

But could Jun-ho be alive? And did his superior receive the files? Hopefully this—and plenty more—will be revealed in a second season of Squid Game.

A still from "Squid Game" on Netflix.
A still from "Squid Game" on Netflix. Netflix