Squirrel Builds Nest for Furry Family on Window Ledge in Adorable Clip

A squirrel in France named Lemon Chestnut has gone viral again for her efforts in making a home for her family on a window ledge, charming the internet along the way.

The European red squirrel is already famous on TikTok via the handle @biscotteestunestar, and there are numerous videos of the squirrel and her babies living on an apartment windows ledge. The squirrels have since left the ledge and have made a home elsewhere, but there are still many videos of the squirrel and her family for viewers to watch.

European red squirrels are found in Europe and northern Asia. According to the People's Trust for Endangered Species, they usually have litters of one to six babies born anywhere from February to April with a second litter possible from May to July.

The squirrels eat pinecones, seeds, tree shoots, fruit, flowers, lichens, berries and bark. Their habitat usually consists of pine forests and woodlands, and red squirrels have declined in population since the introduction of the grey squirrel into their habitat.

A video of Lemon Chestnut has resurfaced on Reddit in the subreddit "Aww." The clip, titled, "Squirrel makes a home outside a window and then moves the family in over the cold months," has been upvoted 92,000 times since it was shared on April 12 by Redditor @Thund3rbolt.

The one-minute and 36-second clip began with Lemon Chestnut making a nest along a window's ledge protected by blue bars. She used twigs, branches and brush to cushion her space as music played in the background.

The squirrel brought sticks and brush from the nearby trees up to the upper story apartment window she now called home, adding it to her nest. She could be seen working diligently to add the finishing touches to the home on the ledge, moving the branches around.

A cat inside the apartment watched the squirrel work, even licking its lips as Lemon Chestnut continued trying to complete her nest. Several times the squirrel brought new twigs and sticks to add to the comfy area, chewing on one at one point.

Red squirrel on log
A squirrel built a nest for her furry family in a viral clip. Here, a red squirrel on a log in Scotland, United Kingdom. DGWILDLIFE/GETTY

The squirrel burrowed inside the nest, and time passed. Eventually, the squirrel had babies, and the family lived in the nest together. The small squirrels climbed along the brush their mom had secured in the nest, and they were seen interacting together on the ledge, with one staring into the window before the video cut off.

Over 1,300 comments came in over the video of Lemon Chestnut and her babies, and people seemed to appreciate the viral clip.

Some Redditors put themselves in the shoes of the person living in the apartment who filmed the squirrel. "I wouldn't be able to go to work or get anything done," they admitted. "My life would just turn into squirrel watching."

Others brought up specific moments from the viral clip itself. "The lil thing lying in the sun after days of hard work made me smile," a Redditor said. "Thank you for sharing!"

While one Redditor didn't hold back, calling the content "so beautiful." They added, "You guys have beautiful squirrels where you live. Such a treat to be able to witness and experience something like this."

One viewer urged their fellow Redditors: "If this is happening at your window right now, I beg you, please set up a 24-hour live feed and drop the link here."

Another Redditor thanked the platform for the content. "This is the best thing I've seen all day," they said. "If I lived there, I would watch them all day too."

Other comments of approval included things like, "This was absolutely precious," and "Omg. I'm in love."

A viewer also made a confession over the video: "I would do anything to have this happen to me. Squirrels are so cute."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @Thund3rbolt and TikToker @biscotteestunestar for comment.

This isn't the only viral squirrel video to make the rounds online. A squirrel was caught drinking soda from a fountain machine in a restaurant in a viral TikTok. Another squirrel was seen in a video holding a woman's hand. In addition, a squirrel went viral online after a woman tried to get it out of her house.