Squirrel Drinks Soda From Fountain Machine in Viral Video Viewed 8M Times

A squirrel was recently caught on camera drinking Pepsi from a soda fountain machine in a restaurant, and it's both horrifying and amusing people on the internet.

TikToker @dannyoco1, or Dan Oconnell Jr., shared the 13-second video clip to the platform, which has garnered a lot of attention from viewers. The video has been viewed 8.6 million times in just a day, and many people are shocked.

The video started with the camera pointing to a squirrel near an open window by a soda fountain machine in what appears to be a restaurant. Once it zooms in, the squirrel started drinking from the Pepsi option of the soda fountain, resting its paw on the handle of the machine which makes the soda come out. This prompted the TikToker and others to laugh.

The squirrel's mouth was on the outer edge of the opening as it guzzled the beverage with one hand hoisted up. The squirrel proceeded to lick the opening more, putting its paws on the dispenser at times as well. Someone can also be heard saying, "He does that every day," but it's unclear if it's in reference to the squirrel or not.

Squirrels are mammals, and there are more than 200 squirrel species in the entire world according to National Geographic. They're omnivores that range anywhere from five to 36 inches in length and from .5 ounces to four pounds in weight.

Red squirrel on tree
A squirrel drinking soda from a fountain machine has gone viral in a video viewed 8 million times. Here, a red squirrel on a tree. SUEFELDBERG/GETTY

The now-viral video has 709,000 likes and 9,000 comments. Some people were grossed out by the situation, while others had a lot of jokes about the whole thing. "There's a hair in my Pepsi...and an acorn shell," someone joked.

One viewer pointed out that "it's funny and cute, just hope they clean it after."

Others had comments like, "This Pepsi tastes a bit gamey," and "Here comes the new Pepsi ad."

Another thought it's a learned behavior on the part of the squirrel. "Homie definitely watched people get drinks from there for a good while before deciding to sneak in lol," someone added.

Some people thought what they saw was cute. "Bless him," a viewer added.

"OK that's cute af," someone else said.

Other TikTokers mentioned giving the squirrel a beverage other than soda. "Please someone tell me someone gave the poor thing some friggin water!" a user wrote.

A TikToker revealed they don't "trust fountain sodas. I buy a bottle if they have it."

Other viewers brought up the sentence someone said during the video that "he does that every day." One person asked, "He said he does that every day or am I trippin?"

Some people were grossed out by the situation. "That isn't funny," a TikToker said. "Where is this? So I can avoid it."

One user said they would take drastic measures. "Throw the whole machine away," the viewer reasoned.

Others had suggestions on what to do about the situation. "Put a bowl of water out for it rather than health hazard," someone said.

Newsweek reached out to @dannyoco1 for comment.