Stepdad Blasted for Telling Teen To Remove 'Happy' Photos of Her Parents

A man has been criticized for demanding his teen step-daughter remove "happy" photos of her with her mom and dad from his home.

The 37-year-old took to Reddit to ask for advice, under username Throwaway-Monday7, revealing his 16-year-old stepdaughter was "so difficult to deal with."

He revealed he's been with her mom, his wife, for two years, but he and the teen, who he called Nancy, had a rocky relationship.

"She generally has little to no respect for me, she'd respond to me saying 'what do you want weirdo?' or 'I'd do this or that once you divorce mom and leave us alone!' Honestly? I don't know what her f****** problem is and I don't care at this point. I still, however, expect her to respect me and my home and my boundaries," he said.

Things escalated after he spotted framed photos of Nancy, her mom and dad, around the house.

After confronting her, he claims her response was: "'Hmm jealous much? Does it serve as a constant reminder of the fact that you broke this family up.' I have to admit... this p***** me off beyond measure.

"I told her to remove them because I didn't agree on having them around in my house, specifically not her dad.

"She acted nonchalantly about my request and basically ignored me. I warned her that I'd remove them myself and she blew up at me saying this is her family, this is a part of her life and I should respect that.

"I reminded her this is my home and she should have some respect and stop leaving pictures of her 'happy' family around, period! I encouraged her to take them to her dad's house instead, that would be more propriate [appropriate] in my opinion," he claimed.

When Nancy didn't remove them, he asked his wife to take them down and punished the teen, which he later clarified was taking away "internet time and increased her chores."

But he said: "My wife kept asking me to let the punishment go since the photos are no longer there but I refused because Nancy hurt my feelings and disrespected me in my own home."

He claims Nancy's grandparents also got involved, as he added: "And my wife has been acting like I started this and that I'm the one at fault or the one who deliberately was looking for a fight."

The trio aren't living in an uncommon situation, with estimated stats from the U.S. Census Bureau in 2019 revealing there were 2.3 million stepchildren living in households across America.

In the comments he clarified he and her mom never had an affair, claiming he met her after the divorce, and things "got serious really fast."

His post, which was shared on Monday and can be seen here, garnered more than 10,000 comments and upvotes, as he was slammed by Redditors who also claimed the mom should also shoulder some of the blame for dysfunctional family dynamics.

Honeymochie pointed out: "What did OP expect when marrying a woman with a child? Like, did it not occur to him that there would be difficulties?"

"Kiddo is clearly heartbroken of her family falling apart and her hurt is redirected into anger towards you. Time for you to be the adult in the room and get all three of you (you, partner and step daughter) family therapy before things a[re] beyond repair," These-Process-7331 advised.

Yet_another_sock commented: "I just wonder if OP really has it in him to fix this. He got 'serious really fast' with a recent divorcee with a young teenager, and this is honestly a completely predictable outcome, even without all the signs that OP views his stepdaughter as an annoyance and not someone who he willingly made part of his family. Blending a family requires a lot of maturity, and I just really don't think he has it."

Raindripdrop commented: "Idk why your wife married you if the child was this upset. Unfortunately, as a parent you need to put your kids first. Or at least I hope you are getting her therapy."

But Aangoffluff thought: "Your wife is the a**hole here, imo."

Sweet_Charming82 reckoned: "Sounds like the only two this couple puts first is themselves, lol."

While Honeybadgergrrl added: "Yep. Everyone sucks. He didn't want a stepchild and it's super s***** to marry someone with a kid if you have no interest in being a family with the kid. On the other hand, I honestly don't blame him because she sounds like a horrendous brat, and mom is an enabler of them both. If they don't get some family counseling, this one will end in divorce, too."

The Child Mind Institute delved into the type of issues facing stepfamilies, saying: "One of the most crucial things to learn about a recoupled family is that most children give love and trust to their biological parent, but they feel that their stepparent must earn their love and trust over time.

"Differing from a biological parent, a major thrust of being a stepparent is to be a friend or mentor to their stepchild on some level. Not like a school friend, but an adult friend more akin to being a guidance counselor and a positive role model rather than a disciplinarian."

But they added: "Even if you don't hit it off with your stepchild, you can still develop a working relationship built on respect. If your stepchild does not warm up to you right away, that doesn't mean you have failed. It will take time."

Newsweek reached out to Throwaway-Monday7 for comment.

File photo of ripped photograph.
File photo of ripped photograph. A man has been slammed for telling his stepdaughter to remove photos of her mom and dad. Thiago Santos/Getty Images