The Strangest Town Names Across America, From Santa Claus to Big Bottom

Redditors have shared a list of the strangest town names across America, from Big Bottom to the festive-themed Santa Claus.

If you're from a remote part of the country, chances are no one might have heard of where you live, unless it happens to be rude, funny or even offensive.

And if that's the case, you can probably find your hometown on this list, created by realtors Estately.

They shared a map of the "Most Oddly-Named Towns in Each U.S. State" to their site in September, which has since gone viral after being uploaded to Reddit.

User Kylej0212 shared the map to the site's Funny forum on Wednesday, where it has since amassed more than 20,000 upvotes.

Covering all 50 states, starting in the east there's Bald Head in Maine, Dummer in New Hampshire, Mosquitoville in Vermont, Satan's Kingdom in Massachusetts, and a Handsome Eddy in New York.

Woonsocket can be found in Rhode Island, Moosup in Connecticut, a Foul Rift in New Jersey, Flea Hill in Delaware, Accident in Maryland, while Pennsylvania has a Coupon.

West Virginia has a Booger Hole, Virginia features Fries, you can visit Whynot when in North Carolina, and South Carolina has a Coward.

Dull is in Ohio, there's Free Soil in Michigan, Santa Claus lives in Indiana, Kentucky has a Pig, Tennessee is Smartt, Georgia is Flippen, and it's Spuds down in Florida.

Scratch Ankle is located in Alabama, Possumneck in Mississippi, Louisiana has Waterproof, while there's a Toad Suck in Arkansas. Frankenstein hails from Missouri, What Cheer is located in Iowa, it's Chili in Wisconsin, and Little Canada is over the border in Wisconsin.

You go to Zap in North Dakota, get Plenty Bears in South Dakota, Worms in Nebraska, and you can go to Skiddy in Kansas, but you're Okay in Oklahoma.

It's Ding Dong in Texas, Pie Town in New Mexico, Parachute's in Colorado, Chugwater in Wyoming, and there's a Big Sag in Montana.

You can find Beer Bottle Crossing in Idaho, Nibley down in Utah, Catfish Paradise in Arizona, while it's Jackpot in Nevada. Oregon's got Boring, Washington has a Big Bottom, while there's a Mormon Bar in California.

Not forgetting Chicken in Alaska, and Volcano in Hawaii.

Explaining how they came up with the list, the realtors said: "Americans use various methods to name their towns. Some chose to name it after a place they previously lived, some name it after a local geographical feature, and some take the bold step of naming it something so bizarre that it ensures their town sign will get stolen for generations to come.

"Here at Estately, we wanted to pay homage to America's most unusually named cities, towns, and unincorporated communities, so we scoured dozens of maps to locate the strangest of them all."

And they also included numerous towns which didn't quite make the cut, including Excel in Alabama, Mary's Igloo in Alaska, Top-of-the-World in Arizona and Bald Knob in Arkansas.

California has Yolo, Dinosaur in Colorado, Happyland in Connecticut, the nightmarish Slaughter Beach in Delaware, Christmas in Florida, and the juvenile-sounding Butts in Georgia.

Another festive-themed town is in Idaho, called Santa, Normal is located in Illinois, but Confidence can be found in Iowa, and you get Lucky in Louisiana.

Kentucky has a place called Knob Lick, Red Onion in Kansas, while Maine has Friendship, there's Hot Coffee in Mississippi, the aptly called Humansville in Missouri, and it's Gross in Nebraska.

Stop off at Toast in North Carolina, there's a Florida in Ohio, Hooker in Oklahoma, and Intercourse in Pennsylvania.

Not forgetting Sugar Tit in South Carolina, Sweet Lips in Tennessee and Latex in Texas. Fairytale-esque Dragonville is in Virginia, Home is Washington, Cucumber in West Virginia, and it's Winter in Wisconsin.

Newsweek reached out to Estately for comment.

Google map images of four U.S. locations.
Google map images of four U.S. locations, including Boring in Oregon, Waterproof in Louisiana, Jackpot in Nevada and Fries in Virginia. Google Maps