'Take Your Mask Off': Anti-Masker Yells at Home Depot Shoppers in Viral Video

A video shared on Reddit shows an anti-masker at a Home Depot trying to convince customers to "take [their] masks off," while yelling COVID-19 conspiracy theories.

The video shared to Reddit's r/PublicFreakout subreddit shows the woman shouting at shoppers. The original poster claimed that the person involved was a right-wing radio personality and YouTuber, but Newsweek was unable to verify the claims. The clip has received over 600 upvotes on the website.

In the clip, a man appears to have approached the woman, who is not wearing a mask. She holds her phone up in his face, filming him. Before the man walks away, he appears to mock her by making the sign of the cross with a paintbrush, and the woman begins screaming at all the customers in the Home Depot. She repeatedly shouts the phrase "It's all a lie," or some variation of it.

As the woman continues to shout, customers plead with her to put a mask on. "Can you please wear a mask for safety purposes," one person says. Another person films her and gestures for her to leave or at least move away from her.

Appearing to film other customers, she continues, "It's a Chinese Communist Party lie. Yeah. Yes it is. Take your mask off." This seems to be related to a conspiracy theory that the Chinese government was somehow behind COVID-19.

A few other customers in line chide the woman and dismiss her command to take off their masks, saying that doing so would be against the state mandate. She continues to rant, although her words become more unclear. "Go look at the boss [or box]," she says at one point, but it's not clear what she was trying to say.

As she leaves the store, patrons continue to mock her by wishing her a good day and applauding when she leaves the store.

Redditors responded that they wanted to see some form of punishment for anti-maskers both in this video and others like it. One comment that was upvoted 180 times said, "I'm pretty over watching these videos unless it ends with the Karen getting kicked out/arrested/slapped." Another Redditor said that more stores should have bodyguards.

Newsweek reached out to Home Depot and the radio personality alleged to be the woman in the video for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Anti-masker home depot video
A screenshot of the video on Reddit showing the anti-masker ranting in Home Depot, trying to encourage patrons to take their masks off. Screenshot/Reddit