Ted Cruz Tells Students His Pronoun Is 'Kiss My A**' in Gender Identity Jab

Ted Cruz Pronouns Gender Identity Transgender Republicans
Texas Senator Ted Cruz said his pronoun is "kiss my a**" on Friday. Above, Cruz is pictured during the speech where he made the remark to college students in Tampa, Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas told a group of conservative college students that his pronoun is "kiss my a**" while lashing out at those who inform others of their personal pronouns on Friday.

Cruz slammed what he said were "woke college campuses" during a speech at Turning Point USA's annual Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida. The Texas Republican said that he "celebrates" those who have "gone to crazy town" by recognizing the existence of people with gender identities that do match their sex at birth because it encourages others, likely those who claim that there is no distinction between gender identity and sex, to move closer to his conservative political viewpoint.

"The more crazy they get, every time they do something ridiculous, part of me weeps but part of me celebrates," said Cruz. "Because it is accelerating the country coming back, it is opening eyes. I promise all of y'all on campuses across the country—your classmates, even if they are scared to say it, are looking around thinking 'this stuff is nuts.'"

Cruz recalled an incident that supposedly involved a student at a "woke" campus telling him that she was "required in every class" to specify her pronouns. The senator then acted out his own introduction and "pronoun," which provoked cheers from the conservative crowd.

"I talked to a student recently at one of our woke college campuses who said she is required in every class to introduce herself and to give her pronouns," Cruz said to a smattering of boos. "Well my name is Ted Cruz and my pronoun is 'kiss my a**.'"

Republican politicians have recently placed a heavy focus on issues of gender identity and opposing transgender rights. Cruz was not the only sitting senator to speak on the issues during Friday's conference.

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri also lashed out at "the left" for its "insanity" on gender identity issues while speaking about a college law professor who accused him of transphobia during a Senate hearing earlier this month.

During the hearing, Hawley took issue with University of California, Berkeley, School of Law professor Khiara Bridges for using the phrase "people with a capacity for pregnancy," a gender-neutral term recognizing that some transgender men and non-binary people can become pregnant in addition to most cisgender women of childbearing age.

"Sometimes the left actually says what they think, they say it out loud," Hawley said on Friday. "Their message today is: 'Men can get pregnant, if you don't agree with it, you are a bigot. If you don't agree with it and won't affirm it, then you are responsible for violence.'"

"They want you to not only swallow that insanity and to say 'oh yeah that sounds fine to me,'" he added. "If you don't do it, they will try to punish you. They will try to shame you, they will try to silence you. This is today's modern left."

Newsweek has reached out to the National Center for Transgender Equality for comment.