Teen Refusing To Call Mom's Step-Kid Their 'Sister' Due to Behavior Praised

The internet has backed a teenager who refused to let his step-sister into his flat because she's too spoiled and her parents let her be.

In a post shared on Reddit last Monday, the teenager, who goes by the username u/Playful-League5248, explained that their mom remarried when they were 12, and since then they have a step-sister who is 10 years younger and very spoiled.

According to medicine net, there are some behaviors that parents adopt that cause children to grow up spoiled, and these include pampering, being overprotective, constantly bailing your child out, and failing to follow up on punishments.

The website warns that empty threats of punishment can prevent kids from fully feeling remorse and taking responsibility for their actions.

The poster wrote: "I never had anything against her back then but I won't pretend I started caring about her all that much either or that I saw her as my sister. My mom and her husband spoil her rotten and have allowed her to become a very demanding kid."

Since moving out of their mother's place the teenager has tried to avoid their step-sister, but their mom insists they should have a good relationship.

They added: "She suggested they could come and stay with me for a weekend. I told her not to. She asked me why. I told her I didn't want her stepdaughter in my apartment. She told me she's my little sister and misses me and I should spend some time with her."

When the teenager explained their reasons, their mother told them that it's wrong to feel that way about their "sister", and at that point, they explained to their mom that not everyone will love their daughter the way her and her husband do, and people will find her behavior annoying.

According to the post, the girl, who is now about 8 years old, tells people what to do and screams at them if they don't do what she says.

They added: "She will demand someone play tea parties with her, and if they say no, screams at the top of her lungs at you. She tells you to put something on TV and if you don't, same response with the screaming. Wants a piggy back ride and is told no, screaming oh so loud. At the park and wants to be the only one on the slide, screams."

In addition, she has received several letters from school, complaining about her behavior, and since the start of the year, she's had multiple birthday parties invites rescinded for the same reason.

spoiled girl
A stock image shows a spoiled child. The internet backed a teenager who refuses to spend time with their spoiled step sister. Getty Images

The post which was first shared on the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit, has now received almost 9,000 upvotes and 850 comments.

One user said: "You are [NotTheA**hole]. Your mom and step-dad are being really short-sighted. No one is going to want to be around your step-sister, and it's all their fault."

Another pointed out: "Yup. Stepsister's behavior is obviously horrible but OP's mom and stepdad are the real AHs here."

And a third added: "Doesn't teach child about the consequences of antisocial behavior yet is shocked that people shun them."

And another commented: "I consider it child abuse to raise a kid to be so incapable of functioning in society, Sadly, it's not considered abuse by the state.

"If they don't actually start parenting (and reversing course will be extremely difficult on everyone), the only hope for this child is to have a tremendously dramatic event happen in her life to reset her perception and values. Right now, she is on a very dark path."

Newsweek reached out to u/Playful-League5248 for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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