Tennessee GOP Senator Wants to Ban 'Liberal Breeding Ground' of Higher Education for Spreading Anti-Abortion Views

A Republican Tennessee lawmaker has called for the abolition of higher education for teaching liberal "garbage," which he says is resulting in the "murder of over half a million innocent lives" every year through abortion.

Senator Kerry Roberts made the call while discussing Cherisse Scott, the CEO of Memphis-based reproductive advocacy group Sister Reach, and her appearance at the Senate Judiciary Committee last month to speak out against Senate bill 1236, which would implement an almost complete ban of abortions in Tennessee.

Scott, who was the only black woman to speak out against the bill at the hearing, was cut off by Senate Judiciary Chair Mike Bell when she started talking about abortion in terms of race and white supremacy.

"You manipulated biblical scriptures to align with your colonialist, supremacist ideologies instead of showing mercy and using the power of your political party," Scott said, reported Fox 13.

During a September 2 episode of his radio show, Roberts discussed Scott's testimony and said it is proof that the "liberal breeding ground" of higher education must be removed in order to "save America," as first reported by the Associated Press.

Roberts accused Scott of using "every liberal bit of indoctrination that you can get in a university setting today" when discussing why she is against banning abortion.

"You've got all of these intersects nowadays and white supremacy and oppressive this and every buzzword in the liberal lexicon is being thrown at us by some woman who's not even talking about the legal argument," Roberts said. "She's just going off on something and she is some Minister for Jesus Christ in the inner city, and we've never done anything for black people and we're just hate-filled idiots. Then she's just getting louder and louder, louder."

Roberts added: "If there's one thing that we can do to save America today is to get rid of our institutions of higher education right now and cut the liberal breeding ground off.

"The stupid stuff that our kids are being taught is absolutely ridiculous. And this is a woman who's a product of higher education, she's learned all of this stuff that flies in the face of what we stand for as a country. And here we are as legislators paying for this garbage to be taught to our children.

"And we're not doing anything about it and all these Red states across America, we let it exist, and it's absolutely unbelievable. And this is the price that we pay; the murder of over half a million innocent lives every year, with people sitting there justifying it to their last breath."

Roberts then praised the actions of the sergeant in arms who escorted Scott out of the room after her mic was cut off for not touching her as "there would have been some kind of international incident because she was, after all, a woman of color, as if that matter to any of us.

"Let me tell you something, nobody gave me the job. I got elected by the people that I represent," Roberts added. "If they wanted to elect somebody with a different color of skin, then more power to them. But I'm the one that ran for office and there was not a single person of color in my race. Don't blame me."

In a statement to Newsweek clarifying his views, Roberts said: "While the call for eliminating higher education was clearly hyperbole, I stand behind my general critique of liberal arts education in America 100 percent.

"Many higher education institutions have unquestionably become liberal breeding grounds where radical values and hatred for America are fomented. Conservative parents are often spending (or borrowing) tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate in an elaborate bait and switch. They sign up their children for education and advancement and instead receive intimidation and indoctrination.

Roberts added: "It's time for conservatives—whose taxpayer dollars significantly fund these institutions of higher education—to rise up and demand the restoration of balance in our halls of higher education.

"Do we literally need to abolish higher education in America? Of course not. There are institutions that have found balance and they are to be applauded. But it's time for lawmakers to question the efficacy of higher education in America, meaningless majors, liberal bias, and intolerance of traditional values and conservative points of view."

This article has been updated with comment from Roberts.

Sen. Kerry Roberts
Thousands of pro-choice demonstrators march as they protest a state decision that would effectively halt abortions by revoking the license of the last center in the state that performs the procedure, during a rally in St. Louis, Missouri, May 30, 2019. Senator Kerry Roberts has called for the abolition of higher education because it is a "liberal breeding ground." SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty