'Terminator: Dark Fate' Post-Credits Scene: Is There An After Credits Scene When Film Ends?

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he'd be back—and here he is, with Linda Hamilton thrown in for good measure in new Terminator movie Terminator: Dark Fate.

Terminator: Dark Fate reunites Schwarzenegger's robot killer T-800—now pretending to be a human named Carl—and Hamilton's Sarah Connor nearly 30 years after they last appeared together in 1991's T2: Judgment Day.

Dark Fate, which opens across the U.S. Friday, is directed by Deadpool's Tim Miller, while original Terminator director James Cameron serves as executive producer and helped plot the film.

The new Terminator has Sarah Connor (Hamilton) and Schwarzenegger's T-800 come together once again, this time to protect another woman, Dani (Natalia Reyes), being hunted by a new model of Terminator, a Rev-9 played by Gabriel Luna, sent from the future to kill her.

Dark Fate has already scored positive reviews and rumor has it that it could be the start of a new trilogy plotted by James Cameron. So, is there a post-credits scene to set up a possible sequel?

If you're planning to go see the movie this weekend and want to know if you should stay in your seat through the credits, read on.

Terminator: Dark Fate
"Terminator: Dark Fate" reunites Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. Skydance/Paramount

Does Terminator: Dark Fate have a post-credits scene?

If you're planning on going to see Terminator: Dark Fate this weekend and thinking about sticking through the end of the credits for a bonus scene, unfortunately, the film has no post-credits scene.

In fact, Tim Miller, the movie's director, ruled out an after credits scene before the film's release back in October.

"I love it, but I think it's a uniquely Marvel thing. So, no," he said, referring to Marvel Studios' signature post-credits bonus scenes on films including The Avengers franchise and Thor.

Just because there's no post-credits scene, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of Easter eggs in Terminator: Dark Fate. Newsweek uncovered a fun gag that you can read more about here. But be warned, the link contains spoilers about the film.

If you do enjoy Terminator: Dark Fate, the good news is that it could spawn a trilogy of films if James Cameron has his way—and manages to carve out time between those four Avatar sequels.

"We spent several weeks breaking story and figuring out what type of story we wanted to tell, so we would have something to pitch Linda [Hamilton]," Cameron told Deadline in August.

"We rolled up our sleeves and started to break out the story and when we got a handle on something we looked at it as a three-film arc, so there is a greater story there to be told. If we get fortunate enough to make some money with Dark Fate we know exactly where we can go with the subsequent films."

Terminator: Dark Fate is in theaters now.