Woman's Birthday Compared to Disney Movie When Choir Burst Into Song

As most of us have had a fairly subdued 14 months owing to the coronavirus pandemic, birthdays deserve to be celebrated.

And for woman in a recent TikTok video, a meal out was taken to new heights by a very unique surprise.

In the footage, posted to the video-sharing app by Roosevelt Rebimbas Jr., known online as @rozayroze95, a group of friends can be seen sitting around a restaurant table.

The birthday girl has a dessert in front of her, and the song "Happy Birthday" is being sung beautifully by an orchestral choir that can been seen sat in a private dining room near the group.

The large ensemble of professional musicians sing the words in perfect harmony, before the whole restaurant erupts into applause.

The amazing video is captioned: "When you ask the waiter to sing 'Happy Birthday' for your wife, and there is an entire orchestra in the other room.. #FYP #birthday."

The footage, which was posted on May 21, has since been viewed more than 1.3 million times and received 358,400 likes.

Lot of people headed to the comments section to share their views on the heart-warming video.

One TikTok user, Keira Kagay, wrote: "Honestly hate being sang to, but THIS would be so beautiful and I'd love it."

Another person, Sean Patterson61, added: "Sounds like the singing in the intro to an old Disney movie."


When you ask the waiter to sing Happy Birthday for your wife, and theres an entire orchestra in the other room.. #FYP #birthday

♬ original sound - Roosevelt Rebimbas Jr.

Elisha commented: "Wow your wife is the main character."

However, Savannah Paige Frink had a slightly different reaction, admitting: "I would be so embarrassed and probably just pass out."

Jonathan Phillipe typed: "Absolutely love this, however, is no one going recognize this is a choir not an orchestra? Beautiful one at that LOL."

Another of the comments actually came from one of the singers, known as @evanacker, who wrote: "OMG I'M ONE OF THE PEOPLE SINGING, we're the QCHS Varsity Singers and a few years back we got hibachi to wrap up our performance season ha good times."

To this, Rebimbas responded: "THANK YOU!!!! You guys made our night and made a memory that will last us a lifetime!"

Newsweek has contacted the video poster for comment.

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A stock image of a birthday party at a restaurant. In the TikTok video the woman was sang happy birthday by a choir. Getty Images