Dog Surprised With Puppy for Christmas in Heartwarming Viral Video

A video chronicling a dog's first encounter with their owner's new puppy has been capturing the imagination of pet lovers online.

Lenny the chihuahua enjoyed an early Christmas present this year when his human companions brought home Ernie. Like Lenny, Ernie is a chihuahua by breed and, as the video attests, the pair have proven fast friends since he moved in.

A clip showcasing the early stages of their special bond was uploaded to TikTok by their owners, posting under the handle sineadmichelex.

The video can be watched here.

At the time of writing, the video detailing their adorable early interactions had amassed more than 1.9 million views, with fans left feeling rather emotional.

The clip begins with the dog owners presenting Lenny with a red cardboard box which is gently placed on their kitchen floor, the lid is then lifted to reveal Ernie cuddled up inside.

"We bought our puppy a puppy," the caption reads. "This is how it went."

As the footage shows, Lenny wastes little time in getting acquainted with his young charge, heading straight over to Ernie for a good sniff.

The puppy, for his part, appears nervous but, as the video progresses, we see how the pair have quickly formed a bond that sees them engaging in extended play fights on the family couch.

Their best friend status is officially confirmed with the video's final shot: a picture of the pair snuggled close together enjoying a nap.

"How cute is that," joannefitzgeral65 wrote. "Awww, every dog needs a friend," Airen Perry975 added. "Ours was not happy but now [they have another dog] they are inseparable!"

"I'm crying," Indigo_Horses_Dead commented. "That's the cutest thing ever." Steampunkgem also wrote: "It's good to see they're getting along well cause sometimes introducing new dogs can be difficult."

According to Dr. Jerry Klein, chief veterinary officer of the American Kennel Club, things can prove especially tricky for the older dog. "Senior dogs are creatures of habit and crave their routine and consistency," he said. "Any disruption could cause anxiety or possibly result in jealousy or envy."

In order to avoid these kinds of issues he recommends focusing attention on your older dog before greeting the young canine. Other tips include feeding your older dog first and putting it on the leash before the younger pup. "These small gestures can make a huge difference in the attitude of your older dog," Klein explained.

Fortunately, in the case of Lenny and Ernie, they appear to be getting along just fine. Jonsmithxcharlotte puts it aptly, it looks like their owners bought Lenny "a best friend."

Newsweek has contacted sineadmichelex for comment.

This isn't the first Christmas themed dog video to warm hearts over the festive season. Earlier this month, a cocker spaniel by the name of Rupert won the internet with an excited jumping routine that had people convinced he was getting in the Christmas spirit.

Another viral clip chronicled a dog's adorable reaction to seeing Christmas lights for the first time.

A chihuahua at Christmas.
Stock image of a chihuahua at Christmas. A video chronicling one dog's reaction to meeting their owner's new puppy has been melting hearts online. Ruslanshug/Getty