TikTok Hack for Professional Gift Wrapping at Home Dubbed 'Witchcraft'

As the festive season soon approaches, TikTok is already unsurprisingly beginning to dish out hacks to make it easier.

The social media app is host to a plethora of handy tips and tricks from shredding chicken to making the bed—and one of the dreaded tasks of the holiday season isn't immune to getting the TikTok hack treatment either.

With the task of wrapping presents alone being a daunting one for many, the idea of adding any fiddly steps and extra decoration is often out of the question. Now, however, a handy trick shared by social media influencer Chantel Mila, @mama_mila_, makes it a lot easier.

In just four days, the TikTok video shared by Mila has racked up over 1.6 million views and 92,000 likes.

Using an iPhone 13 box as the example, Mila lined it up in a square of wrapping paper and began by folding up the bottom just like usual. Instead of folding the paper down at the sides, however, she tucked it in towards the box, making two sets of wing-like shapes.

The first set of paper wings are folded over one another across the box, making a criss-cross origami-like pattern. The second set of wings at the back can then be folded over too, doubling up on the pattern.

The remaining paper is then folded like normal at the end, and taped into place.

Despite the results looking like you've spent hours perfecting it, the trick takes just as long as traditional wrapping does.

"How have I never thought of this," commented one user.

"What kind of witchcraft is this? I'm obsessed," joked another.

One TikTok user made the innovative suggestion of using the created folds to hold the coinciding Christmas card in. "I do this and put the card in the sleeve," they wrote.

The video can also be seen in full here.

This gift wrapping hack isn't the only festive one to make it's way from the video app either. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, TikTok user @peeliesnpetals went viral with her how-to on cooking a turkey from frozen in just 90 minutes.

Although the speed might ring alarm bells for many, the mom cooked the turkey in a pressure cooker, making it all possible.

"Remove all the outside wrappers, and don't worry about that giblet bag or any of the plastic pieces, they can all go in the pressure cooker," she said.

"Add carrots, onions, garlic, and for my celery I use the tops only, I save the bottoms for eating. Any seasonings you like, I'm going to be canning up this turkey when it's done cooking so I'm not going to use any sage. I'm also going to throw in a couple of bay leaves.

"12 cups of water or until the water line is up halfway over the frozen turkey. Never fill your pressure canner fuller than two thirds. My canner has a line right there for it."

"Lock the lid, start the fire, vent for 10 minutes," she explained, getting into the technicalities of the recipe.

"After the 10 minutes add your 15-pound (lb) weight, wait for that to come up to pressure, and then start your timer for five minutes per pound on your turkey."

The recipe might be quick, but it's not exactly pretty, according to the TikToker herself, who explained she uses it to can and eat later rather than an extravagant dinner.

Christmas presents wrapped
Stock image of Christmas presents wrapped. Getty Images