'So Sweet': Grandma Learns Family Are Moving Closer in Emotional Video

The heartwarming moment a grandmother discovered her family are moving houses to be closer to her has gone viral online.

Granddaughter Grace Marcella uploaded the video to TikTok three days ago, where it has already gained over 1.7 million views and 300,000 likes on the app.

The family, who are now moving to West Chester, Pennsylvania, surprised their grandma with the news standing directly outside of the new house. The grandmother's reaction has melted hearts online with her sheer gratefulness for family.

"I just wanted to show you something, this house here for sale," said Marcella's mom, as the three generations stood outside of the brick house.

"Oh, I like it," replied the grandmother.

"It's ours," said Marcella's mom.

The grandmother's jaw immediately dropped as she began clapping. "I love it. I love it. Can I move in, away from all those biddies out there where I'm living," she joked.


my sweet grandma 🥺 she’s been asking us to move closer for so long #fyp

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At first, the grandmother believed the purchase to be an investment rental property. After discovering the reality however, she was left overjoyed by the news.

"We're moving, this is going to be our home," said the mom, inducing tears from the grandmother as the pair leaned in for a hug.

In a moment noted by many viewers, the grandmother exclaimed: "I'm so grateful. I'm not sad, just overwhelmed," as she continued to cry.

According to Marcella, her family lives around an hour and a half away from her grandmother in West Chester, but used to live nearby when she was younger.

With the passing of her grandfather and both her and her brother no longer living at home, it seemed fit for her parents to be able to relocate closer to the grandmother.

The process was a short one taking just 3-4 weeks from start to finish. Marcella described that they are all "so happy and the house is perfect and it's everything we wanted."

"My grandma's been wanting us to move closer for pretty much our entire life," she added.

Living a fair distance from grandchildren is a common issue with grandparents, according to a 2019 AARP survey. The study found that 52 percent of American families have over 200 miles between grandparents and a grandchild.

Maybe because of this, so many viewers were so touched by the heartwarming gesture and response by the grandmother.

"Tell her you love her everyday please," wrote one TikTok user.

Just last month, another grandmother went viral for her emotional reaction to a family-planned surprise too, as 90-year-old Paulene was surprised by her life-long best friend Etta.

Thanks to Paulene's family, Etta was able to join her on her 90th birthday for dinner, and the moment was captured in a viral video.

The family were sitting down for a meal when Etta walked into the restaurant and approached Paulene asking: "Is this seat taken?"

It took some time for Paulene to recognize who it was before realizing what was going on. She immediately burst into tears, embracing her friend into a hug.

Grandmother and granddaughter
Stock image of a granddaughter and grandmother hugging. A Grandmother was overcome with joy after realising her family would be moving nearer. Getty Images