'Titanic' Fan Works Out Which Scene Features Kate Winslet's Stunt Double

Movie buffs have claimed you can spot the exact moment in Titanic when Kate Winslet's stunt double appears on screen instead of her.

An eagle-eyed fan spotted something amiss in one scene, in which Rose DeWitt Bukater (Winslet) and Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) try to escape a wall of water.

At this point in the epic, with the Titanic well on its way to sinking, Jack and Rose are in the bowels of the ship desperately trying to escape, when they find a crying child who Jack scoops up.

After the boy's dad returns and snatches him out of Jack's arms, the pair try to save the father and son from certain death as a door buckles, sending a torrent of water cascading into the corridor.

As the lovebirds run, a dramatic scene shows them fleeing in slow-motion, with bright lights intermittently illuminating Rose's face, as Jack follows behind her.

A superfan shared the clip to TikTok, under their account name Titanic, pointing out that the face of Winslet's stunt double, named Sarah Franzl, is clearly visible.

They captioned the clip "Kate's (Rose) stuntwomen.[sic]."

They added a photo of the two women posing on set together, dressed in identical outfits with matching red hair.

Fans of the film expressed their shock online after discovering why Winslet "looked odd" in that scene.

TikToker Carolyn Sutherland wrote: "I thought she looked different lol."

While Riley Bouchard admitted: "Oh I always thought it was a glitch."

"I always thought she looked odd in that scene," Lacey_tattoo said.

And Ina Pace added: "Always thought she looked different but thought it was just her expression!"

Stock image from the Titanic film
Kate Winslet offers her hand to Leonardo DiCaprio in a scene from the film 'Titanic', 1997. A film fan has claimed there's a scene where you can see Winslet's stunt double instead of her. 20th Century-Fox/Getty Images

Franzl, who is listed in the cast as Winslet's double, spoke out over the glitch the year after the movie's release.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror in 1998, she referenced the moment her face becomes visible in the scene.

"Titanic was the wettest job I have ever done and the most physically demanding," Franzl said.

"Many shots were of me head-on because they had the technology to superimpose Kate's features later. In one, I am running with Leonardo DiCaprio against a wall of water, and if you look closely you can tell it's my face changing to hers because the lips get fuller!

"Kate would do the scene first, then I would have to do it, moving my body and hands in exactly the same way. For weeks, I was wearing that heavy overcoat, and Leonardo used to keep his Nintendo in the pocket so he could play a game between takes."

Titanic, directed by James Cameron, was released in 1997 and picked up a staggering 11 Oscar awards, making it among the highest-winning films in history.