Tomi Lahren Blames John Legend's 'Anti-Cop Rhetoric' for Police Murders

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has hit out at R&B star John Legend over an "anti-cop campaign" she claims puts police in danger, following the death of two officers in a Florida restaurant last week.

Lahren singled out Legend, as well as former NFL star Colin Kaepernick, for criticism, both of whom have spoken in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and highlighted police brutality against African Americans.

Lahren claimed the celebrities were "anti-cop" and suggested their messages about police had put officers at risk, citing the deadly shooting at the Ace China restaurant in Trenton that saw Sergeant Noel Ramirez and Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey killed in broad daylight as they were eating,BBC News reported.

"These loudmouth celebrities and ex-football players can't stand it that after eight years we finally have a president that supports and respects the men and women in blue," Lahren said in a video she posted to her Facebook page on Wednesday.

"So what do they do? They get on Twitter or they stand on stage and spew out trash like this," she continued, sharing a tweet from Legend that discouraged people from calling the cops on "black people who are just trying to live."

"Please stop calling the police on black people who are just trying to live. Please. Stop. Police shoot us for no f***ing reason at all. Please. Stop," Legend tweeted on Tuesday, in a move that appeared to infuriate the right-wing blogger.

Lahren responded by appearing to suggest Legend was responsible for police being in danger.

"It's anti-cop rhetoric from people like John Legend and Colin Kaepernick that put our officers at risk. Just last week, two officers were ambushed at a restaurant—why? Because the war on cops is real and it's deadly," she said.

Lahren, who has previously been slammed for sharing doctored pictures of Kaepernick, also praised police for showing up "in the most dangerous communities" where they protected people "usually from each other." She added: "What would happen in Chicago without the police?"

"I'm saying this because of thousands of police officers you put in danger with your anti-cop campaign can't say anything about it. I might not have as big of a platform as John Legend but I'll use the one I have to say the things our men and women in blue can't say," she added.

Tomi Lahren Blames John Legend's 'Anti-Cop Rhetoric' for Police Murders | U.S.