Tonga's 'Dog Lady' Swept Away by Tsunami From Volcano While Trying to Save Dogs

A dog rescuer in Tonga is missing after being swept away by the tsunami caused by the Hunga Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai volcanic eruption.

The 50-year-old British woman, Angela Glover, was reportedly swept away by the tsunami as she went with her husband to rescue their pet dogs.

Glover runs the Tongan Animal Welfare Society (TAWS), an animal welfare organization that helps dogs on the island access veterinary services.

According to Yahoo News, Glover moved to Tonga from London, U.K., in 2016. Speaking to the website in 2021 about her work, she said: "I am a huge animal lover and always wanted to rescue animals from an early age. Over the first two years here people got to know my love of dogs and helping any way we could, and word spread. I became 'the dog lady'!"

She posted on social media about an "eerie silence" just before the tsunami swept her away.

The underwater volcano erupted on Saturday, causing a four-foot tsunami wave to hit Tonga's main island, Tongatapu, which sent people rushing to higher ground.

According to the Guardian, Glover and her husband had been staying at a house on the west coast of Tongatapu when the tsunami hit. Glover was swept away by the wave along with "four or five" dogs.

Her husband, James, was reportedly able to hold on to a tree to avoid getting swept away.

Friends and family of Angela are still waiting to hear news as they search for information.

Glover's brother, Nick Eleini, told the Guardian: "One of the dogs has been found, but Angela hasn't been found. It's excruciating. I can't even believe the words are coming out of my mouth, to be honest."

Volunteer-run veterinary group South Pacific Animal Welfare said that Angela is a "passionate advocate for animals."

"Our hearts are broken with the devastating news that our wonderful friend and colleague Angela Glover has gone missing during the tsunami in Tonga," they wrote in a Facebook post. "We are still waiting for news and we are hoping, like everyone, that she is found safe and well soon.

"Angela is the co-founder of the Tonga Animal Welfare Society and a passionate advocate for animals. She and James are part of our whanau [extended family], and together they have worked with our clinic teams for many years. Our thoughts and prayers are with Angela, James, their whanau and friends at this incredibly sad time."

The volcano in Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai has erupted multiple times in recent decades.

Saturday's eruption, however, was the largest to date and was felt in Fiji, New Zealand, the United States and Japan.

There were tsunami warnings issued for several other South Pacific islands.

There have been no reported fatalities, however all internet and phone lines went down in Tonga at the time of the eruption, meaning many residents are uncontactable.

Tonga is an island nation with around 105,000 residents, and lies 1480 miles northeast of New Zealand.

This article has been updated to include more information about Glover's work with dogs in Tonga.

Hunga Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai
A photo shows the Hunga Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai eruption on. Angela Glover was in one of the worst hit areas of the resulting tsunami. Mary Lyn Fonua/AFP/Getty Images