'Will Never Return': Tourists Mocked For Reaction to Queen's Guard 'Attack'

Viewers of a now-viral TikTok video are praising a soldier of the Queen's Guard after he was seen yelling at a woman who touched the reins of the horse he was on while she was posing for a photo.

Shared by @phigs_ on July 4, the video has since amassed more than five million views. You can view it here.

"Queens Guard Verbally Attacks My Step mum," read the text over the video.

Queen's Guard
A viral TikTok video shows the moment that a soldier with the Queen's Guard yelled at a woman for touching the reins of the horse he was on. Above, a member of the Household Cavalry is seen on guard at Horse Guard's Parade. Alex Burstow/Getty Images

The Queen's Guard

According to The Household Division, the Queen's Life Guard consists of soldiers of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment at Horse Guards.

"When The Queen is in London, the Guard consists of one Officer, one Corporal Major (who carries the Standard), two Non-Commissioned Officers, one Trumpeter and [10] Troopers,"

This is known as a Long Guard. However, if the queen is not in London, the Guard is reduced to two Non-Commissioned Officers and 10 Troopers.

"During most of the day the entrance to Horse Guards is guarded by two mounted sentries," The Household Division said.

In the video, the woman walked up next to a horse as a guard sat atop it.

She reached her hand out as the horse sniffed at it before she turned and began posing for a photo. The woman then moved to touch the horse's reins before the guard yelled at her.

"Stand back from the Queen's lifeguard, don't touch the reins," the guard yelled at her.

The woman jumped away when the guard shouted at her, clutching her hands near her chest.

"We Will Never Return To London After This Incident," read the caption of @phigs_'s video.

TikToker Takeaways

Commenters, however, weren't very sympathetic.

"Serves her right you aren't allowed to touch the guard," a viewer said.

"That's hilarious, they aren't just there for tourists," another TikTok user said.

"This is why you must know the do's and don'ts and their culture when you travel to another country," said a viewer.

Many said that the guard and the horse were working when the woman tried to take the photo.

"They are both working they're not ornaments," a commenter said.

"Attacks?! I'd have shouted louder," another viewer wrote. "They're soldiers. Doing a job."

Others said that it was dangerous for the woman to have touched the reins.

"Nah he was well within right mate cuz when u touch the reins surprisingly the horse moves in that direction," one viewer said.

"The reins are connected to the [horse's] mouth, the most sensitive part of the [horse's] body, with all that gear on one wrong tug and it could go horribly wrong," another said. "Her fault not the guard's."

Newsweek reached out to @phigs_ for further comment.

Guards in London

A video went viral after it showed a young child getting trampled by guards at the Tower of London, and another viral video's legitimacy was questioned after it allegedly showed a Queen's Guard soldier opening fire on a tourist.

Animal activists in London protested against the bearskin hats worn by the royal guards ahead of the queen's Platinum Jubilee.