Treasure Hunters Find Huge Safe Filled With Stolen Coins While Magnet Fishing

A self-proclaimed treasure hunter struck gold when he found a submerged safe filled with stolen coins.

Leigh Webber, who goes by Bondi Treasure Hunter online, shared a video to TikTok recounting a memorable find in an Amsterdam canal.

Leigh, originally from Australia, was magnet fishing when he and some friends came across a stretch of water with more than 46 safes buried in the riverbed.

The viral video, which has been watched more than seven million times, explains: "We went magnet fishing and found a giant safe in the river. The safe was so big we had to hire a crane to pull it out. Because this safe was so big, we thought it might have something inside it. So we decided to break it open.

"Eventually after a lot of effort we got inside and to our surprise it was filled with coins. As you can see from the protective cases these are valuable collector's coins so we reported the treasure to the police. It turns out it was stolen over 20 years ago."

A longer YouTube video detailing the find shows the team using ropes, grappling hooks and magnets to try and drag the safe out of the river, and they even enlisted the help of a car with no luck.

After prising it open once the crane lifted it out the water, Leigh excitedly sticks his hand inside and pulls out numerous pieces of plastic.

He's slightly dismayed before wiping away the dirt from one of the cases—revealing a shiny coin inside.

Excitedly they realise the plastic is actually a protective covering for the coins, as they open them up one by one.

Leigh says: "There's money in these things! I was just picking them up thinking there was nothing inside them. I can't believe we've got money out of this giant safe."

The cache of coins say "Hortus Bonaticus 1682—1982 Amsterdam", and Leigh set about doing some research into their history—and value.

He explains the name refers to the botanical gardens of Amsterdam, and so he gives them a call, as he films himself chatting with police about the find.

Leigh shares a clip of himself on the phone with someone said to be from the tourist attraction, as he asks: "So there was a safe stolen from 15 - 20 years ago from Hortus?"

He cleans up the coins, which he thinks are made from copper, saying: "I know coin collectors like things perfect and in mint condition. These ones on the other hand got robbed out of a safe, dumped in a canal for 15 to 20 years, then rescued by some treasure hunters with a crane.

"And I think that's super cool and that's why I left them a little bit dirty so their story stays with them. They're worth about £30 each. Also they were made in 1982 there was only 500 made and they're a commemorative coin made for the botanical gardens here, which is called Hortus Botanicus, for their 300 year anniversary."

Magnet fisherman share river finds
Magnet fisherman Glenn van den Brekel shows his equipment before going fishing in the canal for magnetic objects on July 20, 2019 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Treasure hunters reveal they found a safe found filled with coins while magnet fishing. Getty Images/ROBIN UTRECHT/AFP