Trump Allies Still Push False Hope of Overturning Election Despite Electoral College Vote

Some of President Donald Trump's allies are continuing to argue that he has a path to a second term despite the Electoral College casting its ballots on Monday and affirming President-elect Joe Biden's win.

The Trump campaign and other Republican litigants have lost a string of lawsuits since the election on November 3 seeking to challenge results in key states but with just over a month until Trump is due to leave office, some of his backers are still claiming he can return to the White House.

The president's senior advisor for policy Stephen Miller told Fox News on Monday that Republican legislatures were selecting alternative slates of electors whose votes for Trump would be put before Congress.

"This will ensure that all our legal remedies will remain open. That means if we win these cases in the courts, that we can direct that the ultimate slate of electors be certified," Miller said.

"You have an alternate slate of electors in a state like say, Wisconsin, or in a state like Georgia, and we'll make sure that those results are sent up side by side to Congress, so that we have the opportunity, every day between now and January 20, to say that slate of electors and the contested states is the slate that should be certified to uphold a fair and free election and an honest result," Miller went on.

The idea of alternate electors has already been dismissed by experts. However, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon cited Miller's comments on his radio show Monday. He also argued there was still hope for a second Trump term.

"Stephen Miller the assistant to the president, lays it down—the only date in the Constitution is the 20th of January," Bannon said.

"And let me say something else. The worst thing that happens on the 20th of January if we have not had a full adjudication of the steal is that the Speaker of the House that's chosen and let's assume it's going to be Nancy Pelosi becomes acting president until it gets sorted out. So the 20th is still an interim date."

Congress will count votes from the Electoral College on January 6.

Lawyer Sidney Powell claimed on Twitter on Monday that she has "four cases with massive evidence of fraud pending" before the U.S. Supreme Court but as Reuters' D.C. reporter Brad Heath noted, no such cases appear on the court's public docket. Powell's previous attempts to challenge the election results have been unsuccessful.

"Between apparently-nonexistent Supreme Court cases and phony alternate slates of electors being approved by legislatures that aren't even in session, what started out as merely a super-longshot effort to subvert the voters' will is now deep in total-fantasyland," Heath said on Twitter.

President Donald Trump Gives a Thumbs Up
U.S. President Donald Trump gives a thumbs up as he departs on the South Lawn of the White House, on December 12, 2020 in Washington, DC. Trump's allies continue to argue he can win the 2020 election. Al Drago/Getty Images