Trump Boasts His Supreme Court Pick Will Be a 'Home Run'

President Donald Trump has boasted that his pick to replace Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy will be “a home run.”

Speaking at a Salute to Service event on Tuesday night, the president addressed the topic of finding a Supreme Court justice to replace Kennedy, whose retirement announcement last week has prompted discussions about how Trump could influence the Supreme Court for decades to come.

“I’ve spent the last three days interviewing and thinking about Supreme Court justices. Such an important decision, and we’re going to give you a great one,” Trump said on Tuesday, The Hill reported.

“These are very talented people, brilliant people, and I think you’re going to really love it. Like Justice Gorsuch. We hit a home run there, and we’re going to hit a home run here,” he added.

Trump appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016, with the GOP essentially scrapping the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees in voting to end the 60-vote threshold to force a vote on nominees.

Speaking shortly after Kennedy announced his retirement, CNN reported the president saying: “He's been a great justice of the Supreme Court."

“He is a man who's displayed great vision, he's displayed tremendous vision,” Trump later added.

The president also confirmed that he had spoken with Kennedy at a meeting before the announcement was made public.

"[We] had a very deep discussion. I got his ideas on things. I asked him if he had certain people he had great respect for that could potentially take his seat,” he added.

The president met with four potential Supreme Court candidates on Monday, and three more on Tuesday, having earlier commented that he would choose his nominee from a list of 25 people who have been vetted by conservative groups, CTV reported.

Among the seven people Trump has focused on is Amy Coney Barrett, the 46-year-old appeals circuit judge whose Catholic religious beliefs have been highlighted as a cause for concern by some liberals.

After interviewing Coney Barrett and three other candidates on Monday, Trump tweeted on Tuesday: "I interviewed 4 very impressive people yesterday. On Monday I will be announcing my decision for Justice of the United States Supreme Court!"

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