Trump Trying To Convince Us To Back Him Again, Russian State TV Claims

Donald Trump's criticism of the state of U.S. politics is part of a pitch to Moscow to support him again, an anchor on Russian state television has said.

Olga Skabaeeva, who hosts the program 60 Minutes on the channel Russia-1 which pushes Kremlin propaganda, reacted to Trump's comments at a rally in Anchorage, Alaska, on Saturday.

"Trump said that America has been humiliated in front of the whole world and has never been in such a horrible situation," she said on Monday's program.

"Trump has said that (Joe) Biden is the worst president in the history of the country and that he would never have allowed the conflict in Ukraine," she added, "and that Washington should be dealing with its internal problems instead of teaching others how to live."

"Trump is trying to convince us to support him again," Skabaeeva said, before clips of ex-president's comments at the rally were shown, including his description of the U.S. as a "nation in decline" and criticism of U.S. support for Ukraine in its war against Russia.

Skabaeeva also referred to the significance of the Trump rally's location of Alaska, which she said "seems to be drifting towards the side of Moscow."

Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the Russian State Duma and an ally of President Vladimir Putin, said last week that the state was part of Russian territory and his country could claim it back. This prompted a rebuke from Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy who tweeted, "to the Russian politicians who believe they can take back Alaska: Good luck."

The clip was tweeted by journalist and Russia watcher Julia Davis, who wrote that Skabaeeva was pushing the line that Trump "is essentially trying to convince Moscow to support him again in the upcoming presidential elections."

Skabaeeva's comments refer to the scrutiny of Trump's relationship with Russia when he was president. Despite Kremlin denials, U.S. intelligence agencies concluded Moscow interfered in the 2016 and 2020 elections to try to boost Trump's chances of election.

Trump has been a repeated talking point on Russian television, including for Skabaeeva who suggested that Moscow was looking at whether to "reinstall" Trump as U.S. president.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Solovyov, a Kremlin propagandist who is close to Putin, praised Trump as a "beaut" and that if he had been U.S. president, "there wouldn't have been a February 24," referring to the date Russia invaded Ukraine.

It comes amid reports that Trump is looking to declare his candidacy for the 2024 election imminently. Newsweek has contacted the Trump team for comment.

Former President Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump speaks during a "Save America" in Anchorage, Alaska on July 9, 2022. A Russian TV anchor has said that Trump is seeking Moscow's support for the 2024 election. Patrick T. FALLON/Getty Images