Donald Trump's 'Truth Social' Revealed—Looks Almost Identical to Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. has shared online what is believed to be a screenshot of his father's first post on his upcoming social media platform, Truth Social, with a design very similar to Twitter's interface.

The screenshot of Donald Trump's first message was posted by his eldest son on Twitter and Instagram, as Truth Social has not gone live yet.

"BREAKING: This was Donald Trump's first post on Truth Social. Time for some Truth!!!" Trump Jr. wrote.

The apparent post from Trump reads: "Get ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!"

Liz Willis, vice president of operations of the Right Side Broadcasting Network, a conservative media company known for livestreaming Trump rallies, praised the beta launch of the site, which is still not available to the mass public.

"TRUTH Social (beta) has dropped and President Trump is active on his own account! The world is healing," Willis tweeted.

"Beta testing the new 'Truth Social' app and all I can say is, y'all are going to LOVE it! I can't wait for everyone to join me," she added. "Thank you, President Trump."

However, others mocked Truth Social, created by the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), for mimicking Twitter in its design, as well as the fact Trump's first post had to be promoted on social media sites he was banned from because it is still not ready to be fully rolled out yet.

Author and podcast host Jeremy Goldman accused Trump of "completely stealing Twitter's interface" with Truth Social. "Now *that* is what committing to your brand looks like," he tweeted.

Writer Kelly Scaletta added: "Donald Trump Jr. tells about Donald Trump Sr.'s first post on 'Truth Social,' as 'Breaking news' even though 'Truth Social' doesn't exist yet, and it's not truth. ON. BRAND."

Author Grant Stern wrote: "Truth Social is so f*****g successful the only place you can see it is on Twitter. LOL."

Steve Hofstetter, a comedian who was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his philanthropic work, tweeted in reply to Trump Jr. "'Truth Social' looks like if Wish designed Twitter."

Truth Social, which Trump announced last October after being banned from every other mainstream social media site over fears he would use them to incite more violence in the wake of the January 6 attack on the Capitol, was originally set to launch on February 21, coinciding with President's Day.

Former Congressman Devin Nunes, a California Republican who resigned to become chief executive officer of TMTG in January, said the launch has been pushed back until the end of March.

Previous screenshots from an App Store listing showed that the platform appeared to be very similar in design to Twitter, with Trump Jr.'s post appearing to confirm Truth Social will look very much like the social media platform previously beloved by the former president.

Social media experts have questioned if Truth Social, eagerly awaited by Trump supporters, will be able to compete with mainstream social media sites when it launches.

"There's a whole social network for beer enthusiasts where they can come together and post reviews of beers," Kristina Lerman, a research professor of computer science at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute, told Time. "It's great that such a community exists where like-minded people can meet each other. But that doesn't mean that kind of niche community will be attractive to the mainstream."

Joshua Tucker, co-director of NYU's Center for Social Media and Politics, suggested that even if Truth Social does not break into the mainstream, it may "suck the air" of other right-wing platforms such as Gettr, Gab and Parler, and reduce their popularity.

"If Trump's able to do that, it probably means the rest of those platforms fade away and we're in a new world where we have the mainstream platforms and one really big right-wing platform," Tucker said.

TMTG has been contacted for comment.

truth social
The holding screen for the "Truth Social" platform and app is seen on a computer screen on January 04, 2022 in London, England. Donald Trump Jr. has shared on Instagram and Twitter what he claimed was his father's first post on his new social media platform. Getty Images

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