Trump White House: Jimmy Kimmel Interviews 'Anthony Scaramucci' About His Firing

While the rest of his late-night rivals dedicated their monologues to mocking Anthony Scaramucci's White House ouster after just 10 days as communications director, Jimmy Kimmel did what they couldn't. He got "Scaramucci" on the phone for an exclusive interview.

Of course, it wasn't the real Scaramucci that Kimmel landed, but his telephone impostor did a great job at replicating Scaramucci's fondness for F-bombs.

"It's only a matter of time before Trump replaces Ivanka with Tiffany," the comedian joked about the high White House turnover on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night. As well as Scaramucci's swift exit, in the last fortnight, press secretary Sean Spicer resigned, as did chief of staff Reince Priebus, who was replaced by John Kelly last Friday.

Introducing his faux Scaramucci, Kimmel said: "I noticed that he follows me on Twitter so I sent him a direct message and I think we have him on the phone."

Kimmel asked, "Anthony, are you there?"

Scaramucci then began sending the ABC censors into overdrive, responding: "Of course I'm [beep] here. Where the [beep] should I be?"

Kimmel probed: "Tell me how you were fired."

"How was I fired? How the [beep] do you think? A magic owl flew in my [beep] window while I was taking a dump. They [beep] fired me!" the impressionist said.

Kimmel next asked Scaramucci why he was fired. "You wanna know why I was fired? The president doesn't want anybody working for him who has a bigger [beep] than his."

He warned: "You hear that, Sarah [beep] Sanders? Watch your back."

"How did you feel when you were let go?" Kimmel then asked, which prompted the fury of his guest.

Scaramucci said: "How did I feel? What the [beep] kind of question is that? I feel like the president grabbed me by the [beep]. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go get a [beep] job and hire a lawyer to sue the [beep] out of my [beep] wife."

It was reported Saturday that Scaramucci's wife, Deidre Ball, filed for divorce in early July, while nine months pregnant.