'Truth Serum': Man Defended for Brutal Takedown of Brash Brother-In-Law

Members of a popular internet forum stood in support of one man who said he lost his temper after his brother-in-law made a tasteless comment about his recovery from drug addiction.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/AmITheA**hole, Redditor u/imadeit33__ (otherwise referred to as the original poster, or OP) said he and his wife are planning on adopting a child in the near future but detailed the heated aftermath of his brother-in-law's vulgar remark about his past.

Titled, "[Am I the a**hole] for my response to my BIL's 'truth serum'?", the post has received more than 7,100 votes and 1,100 comments in the last 11 hours.

Writing that he has been sober for more than 11 years, the original poster said he and his wife have established a good home life, and have recently decided to adopt a child. But while some of his extended family members were elated at the big news, the original poster said his brother-in-law had opposite feelings.

"Frankly, BIL and [I] don't get along to well," OP wrote. "He for some reason keeps bringing up my past which is annoying to an extent but I never said anything about it."

"He says [he] has what he [calls] 'truth serum' which 'enables' him to tell it how it is and never sugarcoat anything," OP continued.

"We were sitting [and] eating when the topic of adoption came up. MIL & FIL congratulated us and hoped that everything will work out well," OP added. "But BIL stared silently for a while then said 'hmmmm I'm not sure how a druggie can be eligible to adopt.'"

Following the haymaker comment, the original poster said he couldn't help but react and forced his brother-in-law to ponder his own problems before saying anything else.

"I absolutely went off," OP wrote. "[I] began berating him saying that I'M NOT ON DRUGS. I have been clean for 11+ years and I will gladly take a DNA TEST, a URINE, BLOOD, HAIR SAMPLE, and a f**king LIE DETECTOR to prove it."

"I then brought up his [smokes], alcohol and [prescription] drug intake and told him to look in the f**king mirror to see who the real 'druggie' is," OP continued. "BIL got up from his chair silently and went outside."

"My wife started yelling at me for what I said to her brother and said that this is who [he] is but I escalated [things] and ruined dinner," OP added.

In 2017, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that nearly 20 million people in the United States struggle with a substance abuse disorder, and that 74 percent of those people struggle with an alcohol abuse disorder as well.

While roughly 6 percent of the American population struggles with substance abuse, addiction affects friends, family members and anybody else who comes into contact with it.

Those dealing with the peripheral consequences of addiction, however, have great power in assisting recovery, according to the Foundations Recovery Network. By accepting a loved one's recovery without judgment, helping create a substance-free environment and encouraging both patience and healthy habits, friends and family members transform into the support system necessary to lead a better life.

But blatant insults and constant judgment, as described in the viral Reddit post, often sparks the exact opposite effect and can be extremely harmful for those in recovery, as well as those offering meaningful assistance.

Man angry at brother-in-law
Members of Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole forum defended one man who said he lost his temper after a series of crude comments from his brother-in-law. AntonioGuillem/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Throughout the viral post's comment section, Redditors assured the original poster he was justified to defend himself the way he did, and called out his brother-in-law for his hypocritical display of disrespect.

"[Not the a**hole]," Redditor u/Sailorgirl06 wrote in the post's top comment, which has received more than 12,000 votes. "You gave him a taste of his own medicine and he didn't like it. Good for you. He sounds like an enormous fool."

"More like a taste of his own serum," Redditor u/Spearmint_coffee quipped, receiving more than 4,000 votes.

Redditor u/CakeEatingRabbit, whose comment has received more than 3,000 votes, said the original poster was not wrong to confront his brother-in-law and shifted focus to the other involved family members.

"The parents and your wife...enabled and justify his behaviour with the 'That's just how it is' line," they wrote. "You should from now on always mirror his energy."

"He is one of those people who claims to be just being honest when really they are being a bully," Redditor u/UnluckyDreamer1 added. "Your wife and her family should have shut him down years ago, there is no telling how much pain he has caused others with his abhorrent attitude."