'Turning Red 2': Will There Be A Sequel To The Pixar Movie?

Turning Red is Pixar's newest animation, an adorable coming-of-age story that has something for everyone in it.

The animated film follows 13-year-old Meilin "Mei" Lee (Rosalie Chiang) as she inherits an ancient ancestral power that gives her the ability to transform into a giant red panda whenever she feels a strong emotion.

What was seen as a gift to her ancestors isn't quite the same to Mei, who has to try and navigate life as a teenager and the strong emotions that comes with puberty.

Turning Red was released on Disney+ on Friday, March 11 and is already beloved by Pixar fans, which begs the question: Will there be more?

Will There Be A 'Turning Red' 2?

Turning Red has an uplifting ending as Mei has not only accepted her newfound powers she has embraced them, and her mother Ming (Sandra Oh) has eased up on her overbearing nature.

Mei's powers also become a draw for people to visit her family's temple, and she openly transforms into a red panda when visitors come to sightsee.

Given its open-ending there are numerous ways in which the story could go in future, and after the film's release some viewers called for it to get a sequel online.

One Twitter user shared: "I'm gonna need Turning Red 2 immediately."

Another shared their own idea for the sequel, saying: "Idk if Pixar is planning on doing sequels but what if we got Turning Red 2?

"Two years after the first movie, Mei and her friends tackle their biggest challenge yet — surviving high school while Mei learns about responsibility when it comes to controlling the panda [sic]."

And one viewer called for fans of the film to rally together by tweeting: "Let's start a petition for Turning Red 2."

Luckily for these fans, the cast and creative minds behind the animation have shared their thoughts on the possibility of a sequel.

'Turning Red' Cast and Crew on A Pixar Sequel

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Sandra Oh called for another film to be made several years down the line: "We'd love to do another film and visit Mei in her panda, like when she goes to college and then starts her own business, maybe becomes a mother herself, we could just keep on going and that'd be great to explore basically where Mei is having gone through it. We're going to have to wait until [Rosalie Chiang is] 19."

Chiang, for her part, was definitely up for starring in another film as she told Oh: "I'll be there. I'll be there."

Director Domee Shi spoke to Comicbook.com alongside producer Lindsey Collins about the possibility for more, and Shi said: "We are open, but we haven't talked about it. But yeah, it's an invitation at the end for more stories. "

Collins, meanwhile, added: "Hopefully, at the end of a movie, you've fallen so in love with the characters that you have a hard time letting them go. I mean, as the filmmakers, not even as the audience, I feel that way.

"I love these characters. I never got tired of them. I was always like, 'I'd go hang out with those characters again.' I want to see what they're up to. So, yeah. Who knows?"

As yet, both Pixar and Disney have not commented on whether the film will receive a sequel.

Turning Red is available to watch on Disney+ now.

Turning Red
A still from "Turning Red" which is out on Disney+ now, fans have called for the Pixar film to get a sequel. 2022 Disney/Pixar

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