Man Seeing 'The Godfather' For First Time Amid James Caan Death Goes Viral

Despite being arguably the best movie of all time, not everyone has experienced The Godfather for themselves yet.

On man on Twitter righted that wrong by sitting down to watch director Francis Ford Coppola's epic in tribute to actor James Caan who passed away at the age of 82 this week. Celebrities and admirers of Caan's work have been paying tribute to him online.

Award-winning author Brandon Taylor live-tweeted his reaction to experiencing the movie for the first time, in a lengthy thread that delighted fellow social media users. As many will have expected, his initial reaction to The Godfather was glowing.

"Is this...the greatest movie ever made?????" Taylor wrote to his followers. From there he started a multi-thread tweet, and shared his reaction and factoids about the movie as he progressed.

Other Twitter users joined Taylor on the journey, with many expressing their jealousy, wishing that they could watch The Godfather, which co-stars Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Robert Duval, for the first time again.

Others, like travel writer Kaeli Conforti, geared Taylor up for the sequel. "Keep watching Parts I and II (Part III is meh) and report back. You're in for such a cinematic treat and I hope you enjoy the ride," Conforti wrote.

"I have been watching this movie for seven minutes, and I fear that I may be ruined for all other movies." Taylor also raved about the dialogue and the depiction of Sicilians in America, however, there was trouble to come for Taylor and his viewing experience.

James Caan
In this combination image, Al Pacino(L) , Marlon Brando (C.L)) and James Caan (R), in costume for the opening scene of The Godfather, and Caan again seen in 2014. JASON MERRITT/GETTY IMAGES

As his tweets started to gain traction online, Twitter users started to send him message after message. "No, I will not be taking your recommendations. Stop trying to mediate somebody else's experience," Taylor said. Eventually, he admitted defeat, "Oh I'm not watching this, y'all are too annoying, Lmfao. I'm going outside."

Taylor's effort was eventually lambasted by other Twitter users. @hjsedits was left speechless by the attempt, "he started the thread saying it might be the greatest film of all time, tweeted the entire way through it and then stopped watching after an hour. I have no words."

James Caan The Godfather anniversary
James Caan arrives for "The Godfather" 50th Anniversary premiere screening event at Paramount Theatre in Hollywood, California, February 22, 2022. Chris Delmas/AFP

As Taylor described The Godfather as "the greatest movie ever made" others refuted the claim. Movies like Paddington 2 and The Godfather Part II came up.

Hours later, Taylor did resume watching The Godfather, and his excitement continued as he finally got deeper into the film.

The claim has been made several times that The Godfather is the greatest movie ever made. Recently it had an entire Paramount+ series made in its honor, with The Offer dramatizing the making of The Godfather.

The Godfather was first released 50 years ago in movie theaters but it is still talked about and debated to this day. Recently, fans were upset at discovering that a real horse's head was used for an iconic scene.

In tribute to Caan, his former co-star Jennifer Tilly shared a fun story Caan told her about his time on the set of The Godfather.