Twitter Verification: The 6 Ways to Lose Your Blue Tick

It takes a lot of work and prestige to get a coveted blue tick on Twitter but it's also surprisingly easy to lose it as well.

It appeared Danny DeVito became unverified after he tweeted his support for the Nabisco workers who were striking for "humane working hours, fair pay, outsourcing jobs." Nabisco are the company that make snacks like Oreos, Chips Ahoy! and Nutter Butter.

Fans immediately noticed when DeVito's blue tick disappeared on his Twitter account, with many questioning why it happened.

Here's a comprehensive look at the rules Twitter have set and what a person has to do to lose their verified status.

How to lose a blue tick on Twitter

Twitter has the power to remove the blue ticks from accounts and there are currently six reasons listed on their website as to why the social media giants may do so.

First of all, if an account changes their name (@handle), Twitter will remove the verified status.

If an account becomes inactive or incomplete they're likely to lose their blue tick from their account. Twitter advises you log in at least once every six months to prevent your account from becoming inactive.

If the owner of an account is no longer in the position or profession for which they were initially verified, and do not meet the criteria for verification in their new position, then a blue tick may be removed.

They are the technical reasons why someone may have their blue tick rescinded but here's a list of behavioral reasons for becoming unverified. Twitter state that accounts found to be in severe or repeated violation of their site rules will cause them to act.

If a blue badge user impersonates or intentionally misleads people on Twitter by changing their display name or bio, this could result in the loss of verification.

Violations that result in immediate account suspension may result in the loss of a blue tick symbol.

Finally, repeat violations of rules within tweets could result in the loss of the blue badge. The violations include but are not limited to: hateful conduct policy, abusive behavior, glorification of violence policy, civic integrity policy, private information policy, or platform manipulation and spam policy.

If you manage to steer clear of these Twitter misdemeanors then your blue tick will remain untouched on the social media platform.

Who has lost their blue tick on Twitter?

Danny DeVito is the latest celebrity to have lost their blue tick, albeit briefly as he appeared to get it back not long afterwards.

On Wednesday, @DannyDevito expressed solidarity with striking Nabisco workers.


Today, Twitter stripped him of his verified status, DeVito confirmed to More Perfect Union.

— More Perfect Union (@MorePerfectUS) August 19, 2021

John Boyega had the verified badge on his Twitter account removed in June. Twitter confirmed this was due to inactivity, and his blue tick was swiftly restored once he logged in. He eventually tweeted again in early August to promote his movie Naked Singularity.

Donald Trump's Twitter account was famously suspended, a step above having his blue tick status revoked.

How to get a blue tick on your Twitter account

If you want your Twitter account to have the blue verified badge, you need to prove that it is in the public's interest for you to have one. Your account must be authentic, notable and active to get this.

To prove your authenticity you must share either an official website that references you or your Twitter account, a photo of your ID verification, or your official email address.

To prove your notability, your account must fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Government
  2. Companies, brands and non-profit organizations
  3. News organizations and journalists
  4. Entertainment
  5. Sports and esports
  6. Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

An account must also be deemed as active to receive a blue badge. This means it must be complete, of active use, be secure, and must also not have received a Twitter violation penalty within the past six months.

Parody accounts, unofficial fan accounts, pets and fictional characters are all ineligible for a blue verification badge on Twitter.

Twitter account suspension
Twitter users have to follow Twitter's guidelines to avoid violations and suspension from the site. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Newsweek has contacted Twitter regarding Danny DeVito's recent blue badge-removal.