Two Asian Woman Brutally Attacked in Liquor Store by Man with Cement Block

After video emerged of two Asian business owners being attacked in their own store, local law enforcement has launched an investigation and taken a suspect into custody.

The shocking attack happened on Monday when, according to Fox 5 DC, the two female owners of the Baltimore establishment Wonderland Liquor Store were trying to close the shop for the night.

Graphic security footage emerged online to the horror of Reddit viewers. The video begins with a woman trying to close the door as her assailant barges in and topples her to the ground. As a frightened patron runs away, the man pins her down and begins hitting her in the head with a cement block.

The other shop owner tries to intervene, but he also strikes her against the head with the block. The two try to escape through the front door, but he blocks them in and continues to hit the women. He even tries dragging one woman back into the store by pulling on her hair.

The scuffle moves outside and one of the women is able to wrangle the cement block out of his hands. It was not immediately clear what happened outdoors, but the video ends with the women retreating to the store, with one of them holding her profusely bleeding head.

John Yun, the son of one of the victims and the nephew of the other, told WJZ that the two were later taken to the hospital for their severe injuries and are expected to make a full recovery.

"They're in shock," Yun told WJZ. "My aunt got the worst of it, 30 stitches, bruising... to see them in person like that, it's so disheartening."

Reddit viewers were shocked at the horrifying video. "This is happening way too much. How many more attacks do we need to see before people stop denying this is a serious problem in this country and we see some justice?" one concerned Redditor wrote.

"Really f*****g hate people. The trauma and bodily harm they faced is lifelong. There's so many people who don't help and it makes me want to vomit. Truly, none of us deserve to exist," another chimed in.

Others were appalled at the shopper who ran away rather than help the women.

"What a dirtbag to just walk away like that, watching a woman get beat with a brick!" one wrote. "He can clearly see the woman being initially confronted and STEPS out of the way," another remarked.

Fox 5 DC reported that police identified Daryl Doles as the attacker. Though he allegedly got away from the scene of the crime after the attack, he was arrested nearby shortly after.

The outlet also confirmed that Doles, 50, faces two charges of aggravated assault.

Yun told WJZ that he is still coping with the attack on his family.

"It doesn't make sense why they would come here to make a living and get treated like this in a community that should embrace [them] because we've been here for over 20 something years, we are a part of this community," he told the outlet.

"Everyone is treated equally, there's not one person higher than another. So please, just stop all this hate, it needs to stop."

This is the latest in a national slew of anti-Asian hate crimes in America. This week, two women were attacked with a hammer in New York, while a man in Chicago has been charged for striking another woman with his vehicle.

Asian hate crime
Two Asian women were attacked in their liquor store by an assailant with a block of cement. Spencer Platt/Getty Images