Cockapoo Sisters Standing and Hugging in Driveway Delights Viewers

A video of two hugging cockapoos has delighted over 319,000 viewers on TikTok. In the video posted by Manky Maggies, a "self-service dog wash in the heart of Aberdeen", two cockapoos are being filmed through a window, 'hugging' in a driveway.

The caption reads, "Giz a bosie sister". 'Bosie' is a word for 'hug' in Northern Scotland in the Doric dialect, the Scots language spoken in the northeast of Scotland.

One user commented, "The most adorable thing i saw today!!!!", while another commented, "Bosie, one of my favourite Scottish words. too cute!"

What Is A Cockapoo?

A mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, cockapoos are highly intelligent and affectionate and are the oldest of the designer dog breeds, also known as a cockerpoodle, a cockerpoo and a cock-a-poo.

Two hugging dogs
A stock image of two hugging dogs. Two cockapoos have been caught on camera hugging in Aberdeen, Scotland. Ksenia Raykova/Getty Images

Pet nutrition manufacturer Hill's Pet reported, "As with any type of mixed-breed dog, the appearance of cockapoos is difficult to predict. Their size and weight depends mainly on the type of poodle used in breeding. The adult offspring of a toy poodle can weigh as little as 5 pounds, while the offspring of a standard poodle—known as maxi cockapoos—can weigh up to 65 pounds".

Unlike purebred dogs bred for their consistent appearance, cockapoos are bred more for their temperament than for their appearance, "and they tend to inherit the sweet, loving and friendly natures common with both parent breeds. They are highly intelligent, easy to train and also typically inherit the poodle's enthusiasm and tendency to be little jokers," said Hill's Pet.

Their modern popularity is due partly to their suitability for living in apartments and in cities.

"They have a moderate amount of energy and can be quite bouncy," said Hill's Pet, "but they're also happy to curl up in a lap or next to you on the sofa. They generally require about 15 minutes of exercise a day, which can be achieved by playing in the backyard or with a quick walk around the block."

They were created by accident in the 1960s, but when breeders were impressed by the "sweet and intelligent nature of the puppies combined with their odorless, low-shed coat, enthusiasts began intentionally crossing poodles with cocker spaniels in an attempt to recreate these results," said Hill's Pet;

They have only gained popularity over the decades since.

Last September, a cockapoo went viral for her love and affection for her "grandparents."

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